5 facts about the wonderful car

There are currently more than one billion Cars in the world, they are the most recycled consumer product in the world. However, in the past and present, there are many wonderful strange Automobile production, no one can not marvel.

1 Robin

Rui Ente Motor Company was founded in 1935 in the United Kingdom Tamworth, small Car manufacturers begin a tricycle. Three Cars in the UK are classified as motorcycles, regIstration and insurance and therefore cheaper. But typically, cheap Car Is a trap. Almost everyone can recall from their own fell off the tricycle, knee abrasions of childhood memories, while Robin Is so, but the consequences are much worse.

Indeed, thIs assertion Is not glamorous, but it gained a reputation for the Automotive industry, for example, appear in the BBC program. Jeremy Clarkson roll it countless times before giving up. However, according to statIstics, “according to Lailuo Bin” Britain’s safest Cars. It Is reported that only 0.9% of the aircraft crashed. ThIs may be because the owners are very Careful to avoid due to the rapid shaking of the wheel and fell on the roof.

2 Morgan three-wheeled vehicles

ThIs Is another one BritIsh three-wheeled Car, thIs Car Is not only due to known for its rolling capacity, but also because of its sheer quirks and famous. Morgan Is a small family Car company, headquartered in Malvern, UK, was establIshed in 1909. From the beginning, the company produces tricycle, while checking their classic design, modern style, you Will find very difficult to accept any differences. In addition to looks like a relic of the past, the way modern construction tricycles and even boutique Car manufacturers have already given up, there are 40,000 kinds of paint and 50 different leather selection to choose from.

The tricycle uses the “bomb release” starter button and aircraft instruments. Morgan Car Is perhaps the most attractive place with wood instead of metal. So you can lose weight and help improve the overall feeling of driving. If the Car Is still too mild for your taste vintage aircraft, then there Is an optional extra equipment can be dIsCarded paint and hand-crafted aluminum body castLight to mirror gloss.

3 Dodge Viper

viper Is a modern Shelby Cobra, the world’s greatest muscle Cars one. The new Car Is like a cobra as pure, no skeleton, which has become so bloated and complicated way of saying the opposite of all vehicles. ThIs design sketch Is perhaps the greatest example, in 1989, it Is used as concept Car at the Detroit Auto show, which caused a sensation when it Is put into production almost did not make any changes to the design and principle.

In 1992 the production of Cars known for its simplicity. Just $ 50,000, you get a huge engine, a beautiful body, nothing else. Even the air conditioning did not offer, nor a permanent top design. Even the exterior door handles or side windows can not be cut. However, even though it has plastic side windows, like tents and side exhaust, it can scorch your legs, but the serpent Is still the world’s most wonderful, but one of the strange Car.

4 thick sCarab

Perhaps the most boring Cars on the road today are minivans. ThIs Is a rolling device designed to transport children from one destination to another destination. However, things are not always the case. Like many other things in hIstory, the first interpretation has the best of intentions, and 1936 “strong SCarab” paved the way for a glorious minivan.

American aircraft engineer William Bushnell Stout from the Automotive industry started in 1907, when he was a Chicago Shu Mill Car company’s chief engineer. After years in and out of a variety of Automotive jobs, Stout was establIshed in 1923 Stout Metal Aircraft Company, then in 1925 it was sold to Henry Ford.

From the beginning of 1935, Stout began to publicize hIs name “SCarab” a man portable device, which uses Car design and construction of aircraft. SCarab Is truly revolutionary, and not just because it Is the first van. It has an internal, it can be arranged for any user’s needsWhich can reconfigure the back seat of an installation around a table. Combined with ambient lighting and heating thermostat control, which makes the SCarab to be a rolling living room.

In addition to these significant features, sCarabs also has a power door locks, glass fiber body and recessed windows and door handles, in order to improve aerodynamic efficiency. However, with the sCarab as SurprIsingly, when the price Is very high, from $ 5,000 in 1934. Only nine sCarab Is considered to be from 1934 to 1939 built.

5 Aston Martin Lagonda

There Is no doubt that the UK’s top sports Car manufacturers prestige. In the last century, the Aston Martin Lagonda may have dozens of beautiful Car. Lagonda although great, but not perfect. The first thing you’ll notice Is its extreme and polarized design, but its importance in the internal.

While it seems to make Car ownership electronic parts are common, but the Lagonda was the first Car with a digital LED touch dashboard of the Car. As early as 1976, thIs situation has exIsted. Digital dashboards are still in the era of leaded gasoline phase-out proved to be difficult, Lagonda after a number of re-design, monitor determines the future of its final fluorescent tubes.

Aston Martin Lagonda go ahead until 1990, even in 1984, also uses a voice command recording, prepared in EnglIsh, German, French and Arabic program. The inclusion of Arabic Is very important because Lagonda very popular in the Middle East.