5 car chain collIsion, the BMW 4 Department of losses, maintenance costs for 100,000 yuan!

Recently, a value of 600,000 BMW 4-based rear-end event with a ten million Toyota occur, vIsible badly damaged the front of the BMW 4 lines, but not the rear light pink Toyota Yeah, Toyota also knocked down the front of a van, showing that thIs Is a chain collIsion accident, the BMW 4 system might also repair, but the value itself Is also greatly reduced.

audience Carefully pink Toyota Car, the whole Car body Is two phase pressure, shortening the full body length 1 m, such damage, even if the owners take repair shop, surely there Is no way to fix it, even if can fix thIs maintenance must again buy a Car.

There are two Cars behind the accident, but the extent of the damage Is still relatively mildly, Is worth $ 100,000 a NIssan Sunny, Is a 250,000 Toyota Reiz network red Car. Responsibility for thIs accident in the end who should? She called the police after the Car, but also to the insurance company make a telephone call, while insurance staff said to superiors, could not give a reply came to the scene. Insurance personnel to such a reply which also makes sense, after all, thIs involves compensation for hundreds of thousands.

The most unfortunate thing thIs Car import 600,000 BMW 4 lines, equipped with 3.0L v6 engine, zero to one hundred kilometers acceleration in just 4.6 seconds time can be said for the Heavenly 6-cylinder engine, while the field of view to see the damage, coupled with the depreciation charges, the Car at least to the loss of 100,000, according to the processing chain rear-end event, or a minimum of BMW owners to pay half of the responsibility. And thIs accident reminds us to be Careful driving out driving, the vehicle in front and be sure to keep a safe dIstance.

For a chain collIsion five Cars, the BMW 4 Department of losses, maintenance costs to $ 100,000, what Is your opinion can comment section below boldly told Xiao Bian what you think, you can see small series Oh.