4S vehicle maintenance shop to do to do more? Maintenance man: ThIs Is a 9 word export, and immediately you could save thousands of pieces

4S shop Car serviced to do more? Maintenance man: ThIs Is a 9 word export, and immediately you could save a thousand.

When buying a Car may feel the amount of money I can still accept, but to the late time keeping a Car, you feel a bit powerless. Now it Is easy to drive, but spending Is not small, monthly fuel costs money, often Car owners, more than the number of refueling, fuel Is not cheap now. Moreover, there are Car maintenance money if the Car fails, the repair time have to spend a lot of money.

Some of the money Is not the province, such as Car maintenance, which do or do. If you can do regular Car maintenance, so that the Car Is good, your Car can time a bit longer. Some Car owners to do Is to go to 4S shop maintenance, but there are 4 S shop owners feel the Car serviced to do more, may also be pit. Maintenance man, said to the 4S shop to do maintenance, you say you’re doing a good maintenance program, and then say, do not do all other maintenance, which exports a 9 word, immediately can help you save thousands of pieces.

had the Car serviced in the 4S shop, spending Will be higher. But the owners to rest assured, but also for the future when dealing with Cars, there 4S shop maintenance records, which can also increase the hedge ratio. However, 4S shop to do maintenance, not just to spend money more problems, sometimes 4S shop Will tell you a lot of problems that may be hyperbole and more, just to let you do several maintenance projects, thIs Will do more You may spend thousands of pieces.

even such a situation, some owners do Care, does not make clear maintenance projects, and eventually found a lot of 4S shop to do more projects, of course, the money Is mainly out of the Car, sometimes without the knowledge of the owner, to sign a lIst of vehicle maintenance, and finally spend a lot of money.

repairman say conscience, if the owners do not want to spend more, to the 4S shop Will make it clear, very clear to tell each other what to do maintenance project and, finally, remember that thIs nine words, do not do all other maintenance, he said the nine words, help you save a lot of money. Their first clear, and sub-signingShould also pay attention, and consequently can not be signed without looking directly from the source to avoid more money, if such a case, 4S shop you want to pit, it Is not easy.