4S vehicle maintenance shop can not do? Repairman told the truth, friends: regret to know

4S vehicle maintenance shop can not do? Repairman told the truth, friends: regret to know! 4S vehicle maintenance shop can not do? Repairman told the truth, friends: regret to know! Now more and more people buy a Car, and was followed by the garage maintenance shop Is more and more, the Car maintenance must go to 4S store? 4S shop can not do? Give us today to talk about some of the things on thIs maintenance.

Car must go 4S, not because Car Care, but because the Car manufacturer Will provide warranty period in the warranty period if the vehicle the problem Is that the quality Will be free to repair. If there Is no time to 4S maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s invalidates the warranty. It sounds a bit like King terms, but in fact can also be understood, if not to the 4S maintenance but went out of the repair shop, the manufacturers can not determine the problem Is the manufacturers of quality problems or due to improper maintenance caused by the repair shop. So the new Car warranty period, maintenance Is a must 4S. As for how long the warranty period, different brands are not the same, you can look at their Car when the lorry manual, or directly ask 4S.

but after the first insurance over, many people Will choose not to 4S shop maintenance. After a long time mainly because of 4S shop of high labor costs and parts prices continue to drive users to find street vendors to solve the maintenance problem, the problem Is not out of the question again 4s repair shop to pass the three packs of responsibility. 4S repair shop there are problems, expensive maintenance cycle frequently, excessive marketing, 4S shop maintenance but relatively sound more formal areas, but also can enjoy attentive service in the 4S shop maintenance. We all know that Car maintenance Is not a one-shot deal, Is a long-term service, but many people are to the 4S shop maintenance, but not all have to go 4S shop small problems, such as weekdays Gaga oil find by yourself or spectrum repairman Gaga oil can.

when needed major maintenance of 20,000 km and 40,000 km, etc., it Is recommended that you go to 4S shop, because in such a large number of large-kilometer vehicle maintenance needs to conduct a comprehensive inspection, not just mechanical fuel systems, electronic systems also need to checkThIs point of some Auto repair shop Is no way satIsfied. Although every time in the 4S shop maintenance Will be very expensive, but there Will be a full and complete record 4S shop maintenance, general maintenance on your record Will be finIshed 4S shop.

advantage roadside repair shop Is cheap, and some cities have a special repair shop, Car maintenance quickly, the owner Will not delay too much valuable time. But sometimes because there Is no guarantee professional spare parts, often need to spend a longer time in exchange for original parts, thIs Is one big drawback lies. Once there Is a drawback Is that the use of inferior parts repair shop, it Is prone to dIsputes, and even affect the Car’s maintenance and quality assurance.