4S shops and repair shops do paint Will be different?

aspects of mechanical and electrical repair and maintenance of vehicles, whether technical capability or reliability of accessories, 4S shop should be much better than the regular repair shop, which point most owners should all agree. What about the aspect of vehicle paint, 4S shops and repair shops compared to what difference it?

in general, the paint material 4S shops and repair shops that use the difference itself like no other genuine spare parts so serious, but if any repair shop special low price, long in mind the need to understand clearly. The biggest difference 4S shops and repair shops in the paint to control that process. 4S shop for sheet metal paint has a more clearly defined process specifications for the achieved standard requirements, quality control and factory there. As long as the maintenance man Is in accordance with the standard operation, the final Will not have any problem on quality control, quality. General repair shop, can do very little for processes and quality control of strict control, so are the painters with personal experience to determine the quality of the paint. If you encounter more responsible, better technology painters, then the quality Will be good, if a novice, then there may also color or paint peeling did not do late curl and so on.

Further, 4S shop operating norms relatively clean, especially now that strict environmental protection requirements for the barn emIssions and hazardous waste dIsposal are clear standards, 4S stores Will try to follow these requirements, and these are rectification takes a lot of manpower and resources, ordinary repair shop difficult to do thIs.

Therefore, 4S shops and repair shops the biggest difference in the quality of the paint, Is relying on a new equipment and process control standards to ensure consIstent product quality, and maintenance workers repair shop depends entirely on their own responsibilityAnd the ability of the heart, the owner of a Car found mention color and then require rework, but also time-consuming thing. Generally do Is paint a vehicle involved in an accident, and maintenance costs by the insurance company takes, then that small series that still choose to go to some of the 4S shop more at ease.

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