4S shops and auto repair shop who Is the most reliable of these owners need to understand

Car has a problem, the first question can think of Is to be repaired, then many people Will be very hesitant to choose the repair shop when, in the end good or good to the 4S shop repair shop, then what kind of 4S shops and repair shop Is the most tricky of it? Surrounded by some friends in the 4S shop to do the Automotive aftermarket, as well as some friends in the 4S shop so seen some of the insider 4S shop, though not too dark, but still can be mentioned. Also recognize that some Auto repair shop owner, to repair what Is the case, in the end Is to go to the 4S shop for repair or maintenance garage that tricky, maintenance for these cases Is the case I think it depends on the circumstances to the

so what Is the 4S shop or repair shop fly fly it? For 4S shop Is the case for a new Car or vehicle during the warranty period, try to 4S shop maintenance, Why do you say, we all know that if the new Car Will have a warranty exIsts, at present most of the 4S shop Will have an unwritten provIsions Is that once went outside repair shop for maintenance inside the warranty period, 4S stores have the right to refuse your warranty. Second, if the Car next to it, and if it comes to large or failure in itself has no conditions, and no acquaintances maintenance cases, to the 4S shop maintenance, because the water Is too deep outside the garage, even if it Is cheap, but three bad two days, it Is not the answer.

For some new technology Cars, the technology Is relatively new, and few technical repair information, thIs time it Is recommended to 4S shop maintenance, relatively speaking, than it Is to come and affordable repair shop, because the new Car and the new technology Is difficult to ensure that all can grasp the outside of the master. So these types of situations than Is the case or to the 4S shop the most reliable, but also repair shop Is not useless.

Is the case for the repair shop, a Car warranty Is not nothing but a very good choice, if technology currently on the market for circulation Is relatively fast, the market basically have the new release models a year or two of data, and used Cars on the outside of the maintenance data are relatively complete, so afraid of outside professional Auto repair shop for maintenance, repair shop, after all, can offers several maintenance programs, the program lets you choose the mind.

Next respect to the garage Is also a good choice, because 4S shops are clearly marked, all maintenance programs are in accordance to the system, and many garages Will be flexible to own some of the Auto City choose some accessories, then get Auto repair shop for maintenance, which can save a fortune, but be Careful buy something fake. At the end of thIs flow of technology, everyone knows the age of the Car, as long as the technology understand the Car, then go where repair Is not a problem, strong hands, then can repair themselves.