4S shop when the car should go to ordinary maintenance or repair shop? Older drivers: here Is a go

4S shop when the Car should go to ordinary maintenance or repair shop? Older drivers: here Is to go after the

and now we have a lot of people have bought their own Car, we all know we bought a Car, Car maintenance Is also very important, so that we at the usual time for vehicle maintenance Is also very valued, in fact, the Car has brought us great convenience, so that after the Car, there are many things to do follow-up also makes us feel very headache , especially Car maintenance thIs one Is a lot of people have felt very important, so that everyone in the Car after going to buy a maintenance when they are very tangled, because they do not know in the end Is going to go to 4s shops or ordinary repair shop it, so today I want to bring you articles that tell you Is that thIs Issue. 4S shop when the Car should go to ordinary maintenance or repair shop? Old driver: go here Is the

In fact, for the Car, its maintenance period Is divided are many, and sometimes may be to get our vehicle maintenance in different parts of the process are all different maintenance, then the maintenance for these different parts, then we can choose a number of different places, such as Car tires or four best positioned to go to 4s shops, for 4s shop because it Is after saving the original data it Is able to locate four out maintenance contrast than ordinary repair shop we went to some of the more accurate, and its effect Will be more obvious, especially for four positioning, if really went private repair shop, then for its maintenance Is not a special right, and opened a few days may be a series of other problems.

There Is a Car up painting in question, it Is best to go to 4s shops to do inside, because I think we all know 4s inside the shop tuition price Is relatively expensive, but some special color of the Car, it Is best to take some big costs to the inside 4s shop not because there 4s shop for particular Car can be considered relatively unique, so that Is particularly suitable for to make up some of the more special color of paint, if we compare the mass of paint, then you Will not have to 4s shops to be on a normal micro letter. If it Is a special Car or toGo to 4s shops inside Oh.

When it comes to changing the oil in the Car maintenance words. ThIs Is also a very simple maintenance, so we say there Is no need to 4s shops to some general maintenance point on it, because for such an oil change can not only save a lot of money, and change out the effect Is the same, after all, the same way after their labor costs are quite high for oil 4s shop inside to use, but some common Auto repair shop, who Is also in charge of labor costs when changing the oil, but we want a lot cheaper, depending on place to choose a different place to maintain, but also give us eliminate unnecessary trouble, but also a sum of money can be saved. So above we should go to these vehicle maintenance shop 4s or repair shop, we already know it, the old driver said go here Is the most correct choice na.