4S shop to repair, and Why much more expensive than the cost of the repair shop? Staff: do not make money Hexibeifeng?

Speaking of 4S shop, and now the owner Is all too familiar with, Is to buy a Car 4S shop, it Is a subordinate unit of Car prices, Car prices equivalent to the facade, and its function Is very large, Car dealers, Car repair, Car maintenance, for parts, information feedback, any failure of the Car assIstance, etc., you can go all the 4S shop when handled.

However, 4S shop a criticized point Is that, 4S shop services provided prices are relatively high, especially now that there are a lot of Auto repair plant, the same Car problems to the 4S shop repair, the cost Is much higher than the repair shop, 4S shop although very formal, Car maintenance costs Will be itemized lIst of the Ming, but when the cost of completing the Car to see the end moment, if not help pay the cost themselves better, but if by themselves, can not help but heart Is still very Routeng. So what Is the reason leading to the 4S shop maintenance costs are so high? Staff: do not make money Hexibeifeng?

1. The different functions

In fact, from an objective point, 4S shop can not really be compared to the repair shop because of their positioning itself there Is a big difference, mainly maintenance repair shop, while the 4S shop in addition to maintenance, also selling Cars, doing regular maintenance, handling customer problems and so on, many of the services provided, and some services entirely free nature, such as Car maintenance for three years, then it’s toll Is certainly higher in order to maintain their operation, if thIs cost Is borne entirely by the Car companies, Is certainly value for money.

2. Spare parts are original

One advantage of 4S shop Is also a dIsadvantage Is that it’s spare parts are original, being mentioned here include the original factory parts, deputy plant parts, dIsassemble parts and so on, these are the suppliers of Car prices or cooperation to take over there, the quality Is basically guaranteed, but the corresponding the price should be higher, certainly more than the tricky parts repair shop inside source uneven, and in case of a problem, in fact, 4S shop also find it easier to deal with.

3. High operating costs

Compared to 4S shop ordinary repair shop, Is more professional, in which the core of the reason Is that they only repair your own Car prices by selling the Car, so technically more professional for sure, but also leading to in business, there Is no repair shop so much, after all, what kind of Car repair shop repair are available, plus all kinds of 4S shop repair facilities are very complete, professional and high daily also led to higher operating costs, and these expenses are from owners who need to earn back.

4. Claims more cost-effective

now buy a variety of Car insurance, but insurance Is required according to Newspaper the actual Car vehicle damage claims to, in general, minor damage reported to the insurance Is not worthwhile, but serious damage Is sure to insurance policies, thIs time inside to the 4S shop repair, when determining the damage, easier to get the insurance company claims, even though the owners do not need to bear the cost of thIs repair, but insurance companies still have to pay, so that each time the owners had an accident, high repair costs, in fact, finally flowing into the 4S shop, then 4S shop which also indirectly made a fortune of money.

For 4S shop, in fact, higher fees charged to ensure the quality of maintenance, in essence, a repair shop and 4S shop actually can not be used do a separate comparIson, because there Is a big difference in their functional role.

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