4S shop repairman substitution car battery, the whole being photographed tachograph, 4S shop: To Hello

JAC standard repair owner, 4S shop shift secretly replacing the battery, the whole tachograph in the eyes!

now know that most owners 4s shop very dark and there are many means pit of money, and often Will be pit to repair a lot of money, but also to increasingly the problem appears more owners choose to go outside in the Car Is a private repair shop, at thIs time the new owners on energy helpless, though now a lot of U.S. Automotive repair shop but rarely, so the Car can only go bad 4s shop.

To say today Is the Mr. Zhao to buy a pure electric Car i JAC ev5, in fact, thIs Car does not have major problems and Zhao Mr. open quite satIsfactory, but a few days ago he had a small accident, but caused no casualties, but the logo fell off very plunges, so the owners of these vehicles to the repair shop for maintenance , replacement of a Car originally labeled a matter of minutes, 4s shop but tough asked him to pick up the Car on day 2.

ThIs makes Mr. Zhao became suspicious, but thIs time Mr. Zhao Is still strongly believe that 4S shop, so in the event of suspicion also in the case the Car stays here, the first two days to get the vehicles to find their Car repaired, but the owner found hIs Car endurance become weaker in the course of the ensuing drive, which allow owners to get suspicion Is growing, and then Will open the tachograph vehicle.

The results of thIs look to be a big problem, the owner of the afternoon to see their own Car to 4s shops, maintenance man Will he drove to a corner nook, then the name of skilled maintenance workers opened the Car a few minutes of hIs time to split down the battery, removed and changed one other batteries, it Will be after the completion of maintenance workers hIs Car standard repaired.

Mr. Zhao see here became very angry, and hIs Car Is actually in the process of it being quietly moving the hands and feet, an angry Mr. Zhao took the evidence came to 4s shops face of irrefutable evidence but also how to be able to explain it? So 4S shop smartly recognizedTheir mIstakes, but they explained that it was because of Mr. Zhao Car belonging to recall Cars out of the corresponding report.

thing really belongs in the view it later, but Why not honest and the owner said, but to do thIs in private means light not seen it? Then 4S shop staff explained, because they changed the battery life does have some problems indeed weak, but it Is a new battery, because the new factory Is not good in such a way that they did, but they have applied the original Original factory, have to say thIs Is really a sneaky way impede their image 4s store it.