4s shop repair shop repaired or repaired?

Car as a tool in terms of everyday some problems, or do not Care about scratching also are relatively normal, then you need to repair the Car, currently on the market can be repaired on the Car Is the repair shop and 4S shop, then finding out the best of it between the two?

first of all that, regardless of the repair shop or 4S shop, Auto repair operations to be Carried out have to get Auto repair business qualification Issued by the local transport Authority, and certification also ensures that manufacturers of the hardware level and can undertake the business range.

in thIs regard, 4S shop would not have said, the major brands of 4S stores are equipped with a class of vehicle maintenance business certification, which Is the basic requirement for Car manufacturers 4S construction. The repair shop Is not the case, qualification varies, therefore, to be on in terms of the overall business level, 4S stores Will undoubtedly have inherent advantages, therefore, 4S shops are generally more worthy of the trust of users. In addition, in the 4S shop maintenance also enjoy the manufacturers warranty, generally 2 years or 60,000 kilometers, if there Is any problem during the Car, the three Will be free repair and replacement. From thIs perspective, to the 4S shop maintenance support than the repair shop some more.

However, beneficial to have dIsadvantages, 4S shop Is a relatively reassuring, but the price Is much higher than the general repair shop. Mainly because of the higher cost of maintenance workers when the 4S shop, and common parts, in fact, the price difference Is not large. ThIs Is also because of the high investment 4S shop operating costs caused.

Finally, Xiao Bian want to say Is, if the Car Is a new Car, the warranty period, or choose to try to repair the 4S shop, after the warranty period, you can select the service in the repair shop maintenance, that would be more provincial costs. Xiao Bian emphasize here, whether 4S store or repair shop, Vehicle maintenance are people to do, to find a reliable repair master Is decent. If you can find the shop 4s worked for many years on the outside of the master repair shop opened, thIs Is the best, both to reduce costs, technology Is also professional enough, of course, if it Is more experienced owners, a lot of maintenance that they can competent.

(operations staff: He Shuguang)