4S shop repair shop friends say the secret: the most useless of four major automobile maintenance, do not be a pit

now the 4S shop, no longer make money by selling the Car, more of a rebate by manufacturers and Car maintenance repairs and other after-sales service to earn a profit, especially in the Car repair and maintenance Is the 4S shop make money weapon. Especially in these projects, almost 4S shop specifically to the money pit, 4S shop repair shop friends say the secret: the most useless of four major Automobile maintenance, do not be a pit, the first: Automotive Fuel Clean , when you open the way, and then driven back to 4s shop for other maintenance, the general staff Will tell you that your Car too much oil coke, what to do to clean up, otherwIse the valve Will not be tightly closed and leak, causing the engine difficult to start, unable to work and the valve by ablation. In fact, it does not know Is that as long as we run a race on the highway can take advantage of the wind speed to solve the problem of Carbon deposition.

Second: air conditioning sterilization, if there Is no air conditioning to clean up after buying a Car, when you do maintenance of air conditioning Will be told there are many bacteria, a start time, would harm the respiratory tract, then would suggest you do a conditioning sterilization, Is put a little inside in the air conditioning dIsinfectant, which can operate at home, if it feels dirty air conditioning, buy clean the filter put on the line.

Third: Jerry, thIs problem Is more serious and very common, small series have friends working in the 4S shop, According to him, the workshop environment in general and whether the addition Is not very good, so the part of the owner Is not Willing to stare at their vehicles in the workshop for repair and maintenance, and most of them are viewed through the glass, however, numerous workshops station, there Is always that you do not observe to place. Figure Province Jin some mechanic tend not to change the oil drained, they’ll probably put a general directly filling the new oil, sometimes in order to prevent owners find that they Will the excess sewage poured into barrels in new oil. So, the Car Is really the main vehicle for their own sake, or into the workshop observed better.

Fourth: fuel additives, many people Will lIsten and then say sales additive can improve fuel combustion efficiency and reduce their consumption, but in fact little understood, knowledge of these aspects friend Will know, the ultimate way to solve the fuel consumption Is through, reduce fuel consumption and better engine, fuel consumption efficiencyRate, which Is the gap between the engine, in addition to the engine power, the biggest thing Is the engine of innovation, continuous research and development efforts, less fuel consumption engine. These behaviors can be solved if only by fuel additives, then the cost of the Car engine Will be greatly reduced, we Will not be so expensive now to buy a Car. So fuel additives, Is not necessary.

For some owners, worried about Car problems, often to Auto 4S shop for maintenance, replacement parts related Is really no need. Now the level of development of the Car can ensure stable operation of the Car in a safe range, do not often go to the 4S shop for replacement parts, on the one hand a waste of time and money, while for the Car itself Is also virtually increase the security rIsk, for Car maintenance to adopt scientific methods and techniques, on the one hand should always consult professionals to learn and ask questions, use the right way maintenance Car, too, need to learn more about the information, combined with their own practical experience to ensure that the Car keep a Car safety and correct.