4s shop posing a new car with refurbIshed cars, how to identify anti fooled?

in line to buy a mobile phone Is the most readily available refurbIshed machines, especially in some cell phone Is not only refurbIshed machines, but also the price of the new machine sold, Is simply bitter pit consumers. In 4s shop, there Will be the phenomenon of fake refurbIshed Cars new Cars sold Car phones to use for a long time than many, thIs Will be the pit pit for several years.

Some Car owners are not Careful to buy the refurbIshed Cars, obviously buy the “new Car” opened two weeks actually sell them Is said to be refurbIshed Cars and the price compromIsed, that mood Is really very hard to accept. If there Is enough evidence, then the 4s shop Is required for thIs retreat a lose three, but if the evidence Is insufficient to only eat Yaba Kui himself, so that when buying a Car must polIsh eyes dIstinguIsh Carefully, do not buy refurbIshed Cars hit trouble. Xiaobian teach you how to identify refurbIshed Cars!

1. The date of manufacture from lifting off date for too long

generally buy a new Car, then the production date with the mention Cars Date difference probably in 1-3 months, if the time interval Is slightly longer than thIs range it may be the stock Car, if the time interval difference very far, it shows that thIs Car Is not a new Car, for saying goes thIs Is a refurbIshed Cars. But now a lot of refurbIshed Cars Will be on the Automotive nameplate tricks, the above date Is not necessarily accurate. But there Will be less obvious date marked on the glass and some Cars and tires, and if thIs date Is not the same nameplate date would indicate a problem.

2. Check the paint thickness

If you have bought a Car that Car may be refurbIshed Car can go, please professionals with paint thickness detector for detecting data of the whole Car paint, many refurbIshment repainted Cars during retreading, the refurbIshed Car paint thickness Is generally significantly higher than the normal Car.

3. Check all parts of the screw tightness

refurbIshed Cars original Car Is generally scrapped degree Is not the same, the number of “problem Car” are repaired after many, many parts such as parts of the hood, headlight brackets, doors, columns and other sites shock has repaired or dIsassembledAt the scene, some might change Is not new screw factory screws.

4. Check the accessories brand are the same

generally refurbIshed Cars in the refurbIshed Car accident, problems when the Car Is often need to replace some accessories, and replacement parts can knock a good little change to the same brand and model, you can check each type of window glass, each tire model to determine if thIs Is refurbIshed Cars.

as long as the attention to these points it Is difficult to buy a refurbIshed Car, not to buy that new Car accident Car refurbIshment, but just buy normal Car Is not enough, a new Car bought formaldehyde Is also very serious, so the new Car a few days it Is easy to dizziness, nausea, high levels of formaldehyde long time to open a new Car, then also likely to cause various dIseases, so the new Car also must be in addition to formaldehyde.

In addition to formaldehyde can try Car crystal optical state, the vehicle Is specifically the addition of formaldehyde method, the crystal state of light on each corner of the Car’s do not have control, the general Car heavy smell because of formaldehyde, the release point crystal optical state days no taste.