4S shop mechanic can encounter pitfalls? Maintenance instructors tell you 4:00, the novice must pay attention

I believe many people know that buying a Car Is easy to repair difficult, as the Car Is not enough knowledge of professional riders, thIs statement represents their aspirations, especially for novice owners, a bit out of the Car a little problem , put the Car to the 4S shop maintenance, but does not know the repair, a repair was surprIsed, basic maintenance costs are one thousand yuan start, but as the results after the repair, the owner who Is not very clear, only knew temporarily solve the problem, does not know that there are a lot of insider 4S shop mechanic can also be said to be a trap, owners had to prevent, the following Will come and we talk about.

First, the overhaul minor ailments, dIsease-free overhaul, repair master failure problems Will most exaggerated, you can fix the parts to new ones directly, a small Issue as a problem of the whole system needs to be replaced, even more angry Is that some things obviously can not repair, but you have to give a little to handle it, counted in maintenance inside.

The second point, as long as the Car cut rub recommend sheet metal painting, sheet metal painting Is a major source of profits 4S shop, because thIs expensive, so when the Car cut rub, 4S shop staff Will try to get you in the 4S shop painted sheet metal, and they Will emphasize their paint Is imported, better than half of the painting equipment repair shop, and in fact the difference not great.

Third, 4S shop Is not necessarily a lot of spare parts are original, many are in the Auto parts market to buy, or before the other vehicle spare parts be replaced further renovation.

Fourthly, 4S shop Is not necessarily replace the original oil, oil change may be the rest of the other vehicle, by then slowly accumulate a certain amount, a change to the Car.

After reading these 4S shops repair insider, Is not feeling shocked, in order to make money, there are some 4S stores may make these unconscionable thing, so faithful Car only continue to improve their professional knowledge, in order not to step on these traps.