4s shop maintenance man went to the car, the car was the result get scrapped, but the store has only pay 3000 yuan!

Reprinted from one hundred Author: riders the world over

Recently a man in the Car ready to go to 4s shop repair time I did not expect the store employees open out hit.

A few days ago, the man had just purchased a Baojun 510 to the store ready to open up painting. ThIs Car Is a white man to live frugally bought, but the owner Is very precious. But now let employees open the store, breaking out, hit the front of the beam completely deformed. 4s shop owners are looking to have a say, but respond 4s shop left him very angry.

The owner said that the Car Is the point where employees 4s secretly open out, the result of an accident, the vehicle in front beam hit deformed. Now the situation Is a headache for owners, want to make the point compensation 4s, 4s shop but now they want to deadbeat

in response to the store that the Car Is insured, and our employees are open to the outside maintenance repair shop, not secretly open out, because it appears to open out maintenance problems, so we can only store 3,000 dollars compensation. Owners of an angry, I bought a good Car, just opened not long, that Is, you are here to make a paint, I did not expect you to hit the scrap it. Up to now it has only lost 3000?

it Is clear that the owner of such a reply Is not satIsfied, the Car has insurance, but insurance Is not 4s shop to buy him, and say the Car hit are not their own. Men want to feel how such a solution does not work, thIs may seem obvious 4s shop Is shirking its responsibilities. Of course, the owner must be satIsfied with the results of thIs process, and now the owner Is still in negotiation 4s shop, want to fight for their maximum compensation, but in the end has not yet determined how to pay. I think thIs thing Is how to solve it? In the end how much compensation Is appropriate it? But Xiao Bian think thIs 4s shop Is really doing something wrong, so pit.