4S shop maintenance man said: The four car care most useless, Is a waste of your money!

now since the Car, the owner Will be more Care of their Car, so the Car Will be relatively maintenance of got the idea, often to the 4S shop or a Car maintenance shop to Car maintenance, Xiao Bian want to ask that one problem, go to the maintenance shop when the Car maintenance, maintenance they give you recommend Will introduce you do it? 4S shop maintenance man said that the four Car maintenance Is the most useless, it means in the pit of your money! 4S shop maintenance man said: The four Car Care most useless, Is a waste of your money!

Maintenance wheels: the wheel Is the Car’s feet, are an important part, and expensive, Car mats Will wheel cleaning, waxing, maintenance , which have no effect, because the Car in motion among the festival Will continue to damage the wheel (it depends on how the wheel Is). Car tire maintenance like cleaning shoes, just to make it look nice some of it, each tire has its own shelf life has expired naturally want to change, so no need to do thIs exercIse in futility!

cleaning oil coke: thIs “maintenance program” Is actually useless, gasoline already has cleansing effect, while gasoline refining process has been added cleaning substances, not to mention there fuel filter exIsts, so nothing to worry about cleaning the oil problem, as the throttle coke problem, it Is normal, if you want to maintain, replace the air filter on it, so Why waste money to go cleaning oil?

thIs one Will air cleaning in many 4S shop maintenance projects, so many people feel that air cleaning Is a must do item. But the 4S shop called air cleaning Is very simple to use detergent wash. In fact, for cleaning of air conditioning, you can do it yourself. Strong hands even replace the air filter can do yourself.

Generally, there Will be a new Car smell, general maintenance, then to the 4S shop owners would agree to provide sterilization room, but in fact they are thrown into the sterilization fumigant Car within a lot of smoke, and then turn on the air conditioning cycle so that the spread of smoke within the entire vehicle. Buy a box of their own sterilization fumigant in fact, it Is about 50 dollars, and thIs sterilization effect Is actually useless.