4S shop maintenance Is outsourced? Deft Say car “car enthusiasts” bunch of old iron successful activIst

off-site accident, remote maintenance for many Car owners, it Is a particularly troublesome thing. You know, different places dangerous condition of the insurance company’s policies than the dangerous condition of local procedures more and more complex. If the follow-up off-site repair problems arIse, it Will inevitably owners of two runs, costly and bother.

Recently, deft fast Car, said channel “Car enthusiasts” Auto rights section they received such a help: New York’s Wang Biyaditang owners when taking a trip by Car, on the highway a traffic accident, so he chose the nearest off-site maintenance 赛利比亚迪 4S shop Bengbu. But after they found the Car repair paint Is still communication between some of the problems, and 4S shop, there have been a mIsunderstanding. Mr. Wang believes Bengbu 赛利比亚迪 4S shop repair shop Is outsourcing, technology, however. So to quickly “Car enthusiasts” feedback, we are hoping to finIsh in New York to handle the local 4S.

Say Car Auto rights expert @ Car enthusiasts – old often after receiving the complaint, in a live broadcast on the spot contacted the 4S shop Bengbu 赛利比亚迪. Old often we learned in connection because the city does not allow spray paint, the paint shop 4S shop opened in the suburbs, thus creating a 4S shop owners that the maintenance Is outsourced mIsunderstanding.

untied mIsunderstanding, often old and helped BYD Wang call the Customer Service Center, please manufacturers came forward, looking for a 4S shop in New York, Wang helped the Car repaired. BYD also received positive feedback process, and owners to reach a consensus, coordinating the New York local 4S shop for free painting as Mr. Wang.

Cars plays a crucial role in city life, problems Will inevitably arIse in the course of the owner, if poor communication with the 4S shop, it Is easy helpless, unable to protect their own rights and interests of the phenomenon. Deft Say Car “Car enthusiasts” Is a service Automotive consumer rights column by Car enthusiasts – old Chang and other rights expert online help owners and dIstributors, manufacturers to communicate quickly resolve Issues related to rights of the Car.

Cars activIsts who demand the old iron, deft App simply search for “Car enthusiasts” click “to complain” to quickly submit information rights. problemAfter accepting, Cars rights experts Will help OEMs to contact the owner or dealer for processing.