4S shop maintenance Grandfather: car maintenance attention three projects, otherwIse the pit cry

Now that we have it Is to have hIs own Car. When it comes to Cars, it would certainly have to consider Car maintenance, if you do not maintain some cases broke down halfway the like often happens, very cumbersome and drop the ball. So Car maintenance Is very necessary. Some friends some of it because it Is cheaper to go outside the vehicle maintenance shop, to do maintenance. Some people think it Is tricky 4S shop maintenance, after all, looks professional, what Car where maintenance, Will feel at ease. But we often to find 4S store maintenance, it often recommended hodgepodge of maintenance projects. The projects in the end should or should not do? 4S shop maintenance Grandfather: Car maintenance attention these projects, otherwIse the pit cry.

These assorted maintenance items, most of which are not necessary to the maintenance.

“wheel alignment”: the wheel alignment and balancing 4S store two items are bundled. If the Car Is really balancing problems, the Car quickly in the open when the Car Will shake. The wheel alignment Is a problem, steering deviation, uneven wear of the tires Will happen. If does not appear these types of situations, thIs project Is absolutely no need to spend money. Many 4S stores thIs project as a regular item. A lot of Car owners are also in it at a dIsadvantage. And most 4S shop because the Car Is not necessary to do thIs project, so do the wheel alignment Is not complete, the basic 10 minutes to get away , very deceptive.

“cleansing”: As long as to maintain, no matter how many kilometers Is open. 4S stores Will strongly recommend cleaning the engine and so on. In our naked eye looks just some dust and oil, but the interior Is very basic and clean. In most cases it Is not need cleaning. 4S shop to say, for the Car wash Is always good. They Will clean the throttle, fuel injectors and intake. What Is the real role of these clean Is it? If the Car shakes or even turn off, it Is likely that the throttle Is dirty and needs cleaning. If the injectors are dirty, power down, increase fuel consumption happens. IntakeRoad cleaning Is to let the engine work better. These items usually are not clean. really need to do some of these projects are open for several years of the old Car.

“brake maintenance”: Brake thIs thing Will affect safety. So in a few words rhetoric clerk to do, and the owners also feel kinda concerned me, do it now anyway, security Is most important. But then, 4S brake maintenance shop Is on the brake system Is a clean, lubricate critical parts. If the brake system Is really a problem, to the point of affecting the safety, then these cleaning and lubrication are ineffective. We need to replace the brake pads, brake dIsc to resolve. So Is a deceptive project.

Xiao Bian remind you go 4S shop to do maintenance when we must pay attention to the above three items, otherwIse it Is too dIsadvantage. Of course, having said that, the most important driving or safety, no matter what time or safety first.

4S shop maintenance Grandfather: Car maintenance attention three projects, otherwIse the pit cry. Perspective on thIs Issue, please exchange in the comments section