4s shop maintenance divIsion, regular cleaning of the car the four places, not only strong and also fuel-efficient

the number of Cars Is increasing, so the driver of the Car Will certainly be more and more. When we use the Car, it Is not just a simple drive, we can not ignore the maintenance of the Car. Because the only good Car maintenance, Car can be with us much longer. Today, Xiao Bian Will share with you. Have ten years experience in the maintenance of the master said, after four places clean, the Car Is not only strong but also fuel efficient. Let’s see. Master

revealed 10 years of experience in the maintenance, cleaning after four places, the Car Is not only strong but also high fuel efficiency.

The first point Is to clean deposits. Like the engine Will produce Carbon deposits as in their daily work, the biggest reason Is that Carbon deposition Automobile production at idle and low speeds. After all, there are many traffic jams on the road, the engine Will inevitably produce coke. That cleared up Carbon deposits, we can also more fuel-efficient Cars.

The second point Is to check tire pressure. I believe that know the old Car’s performance Car drivers know the tire and Automotive related. In addition, the tire pressure of the tires but also with the fuel consumption of the vehicle. If the tire pressure Is insufficient, our oil consumption Will certainly rIse, so we must promptly check the tire pressure.

Replace the spark plug at a third point. Ignition spark plugs of an Automobile. If the spark plug on our vehicle damage, then we can not start the Car, so the Car’s fuel consumption Will increase. Spark plugs cheap prices. We also need timely. Repair and replacement.

The fourth point to replace the oxygen sensor. ThIs Is also part of the oxygen sensor on the engine. If the oxygen sensor Is damaged, then we Will be more and more Car exhaust, which may lead to Car repair. Therefore, we also need to periodically replace the oxygen sensor. After all, thIs part of the cost Is not very high.

four local vehicle maintenance personnel to show us, we Will regularly inspect and maintain it, so our Car Will become more powerful and fuel-efficient. I do not know how you think. Welcome to comment on the following comments. Let’s dIscuss it.