4S shop maintenance completed, and more with the maintenance man saying thIs, five years related to the car to open the same car

4S shop maintenance completed, and more with the maintenance man saying thIs, five years related to the Car to open the same Car.

Car maintenance Is very important, a lot of damage to the Car fast, because it did not do a good maintenance, so many owners Will be thinking in other areas might save a little, but in maintenance respect it Is rarely thought to save money. And general 4S shop fees or expensive, but there are many owners Will do maintenance to the 4S shop. Because, after all, 4S shop Is a regular, even if some of your charges, use of accessories Is quite assured. However, routine maintenance done in the 4S shop, do not rush away, and more with the maintenance man saying thIs, basically to ensure the Car to open five years related to the same Car.

Some Car owners do maintenance, in fact, change the oil, change the filter and the like, rarely do other maintenance. So after the maintenance Is done, you can ask the service master to help you do a full vehicle inspection. Because the general whole Car inspection are free, are you required, they are still relatively happy, because after checking out the problem, need to replace parts, so that they have a commIssion. So in the 4S shop regular maintenance done, you must remember saying thIs.

but most of the water deeper than the 4S shop, if you do not know some cases, to do maintenance in the 4S shop Is still relatively easy to pit. In particular, thIs initiative you ask them to do more inspections. If you do not check out what questions to ask, you say that estimate Is also worried that not enough professional. So thIs time, even if there Is no problem, it Is estimated the problem Will be to find out the point. However, depending on the usage of the Car, most of the maintenance projects are all traceable. For example, the Car was running five or six million kilometers of the time, thIs time worn spark plugs and tires should be more serious.

at the time to do maintenance if these parts do not replace, you can make maintenance of the master multi-check, maybe there Is the problem? If a long time without replacing the spark plug, the engine may appear significant jitter problem, if you think your Car has thIs problem, it Is best to let them check the spark plug. Because long-term exposure tires with the ground, by the friction Is relatively large, so wear and tear Is more serious, soMulti inspection to check the tires, there Is no harm. Another caveat Is that the brake pads.

because it Is an important part of the brake system, brake pads if there Is a problem, and could cause brake failure. To know how serious the consequences of brake failure, so it brakes also need to be Carefully examined. In particular brake pads may also cause damage to the brake pads wear, the replacement of a brake dIsc brakes than for a more expensive. Although most of the maintenance 4S shop Will give you, but after you understand clearly, if there Is not what to do, you also timely to remind. All in all, do no harm.