4S shop maintenance and repair price Is much more expensive shops, it really so sinIster than the outside?

maintenance costs of 4S shop Is certainly more expensive than ordinary repair shop, which Is by its operating costs of the decIsion. However 4S 4S shop shop also has the advantage, at least outside of street vendors than to worry a lot, do not mess. Although there are a lot of people think the same 4S shop black heart, full of routine, but who can guarantee that you receive cheap street vendors do not blacker than the 4S shop, routine deeper it?

We know that input costs to build a 4S shop decoration, equipped with professional equipment, which Is not a small hardware maintenance shop can be compared, and the daily maintenance of operating costs Is quite powerful. A 4S shop of utility costs tens of thousands a month, much higher labor costs Geng Shibi roadside repair shop. Now very strict environmental regulation, emIssions are also handling hazardous waste requires a lot of costs. These investments need to always be rewarded, it Will only work in maintenance fees earned up, thIs Is one aspect expensive.

Another point, 4S stores of spare parts are original purchase, the purchase price itself Is not cheap, plus taxed point, then always to a little profit, thIs way, spare parts prices Will be higher than the repair shop. However, 4S shop of spare parts can be guaranteed quality, and there warranty period, you can rest assured that use. Roadside repair shop accessories price was low, for your use, deputy plant parts has been very good, Is afraid of counterfeit spare parts. Most owners are not professionals, impossible to dIstinguIsh between true and false good or bad these spare parts, only to let them fooled, but the use of counterfeit spare parts for vehicles Is a big security rIsk. Quality spare parts repair shop some of the larger chains also trusted that, but because of the use Is genuine, the price Will not be much cheaper than the 4S shop.

4S shop maintenance of high prices, precIsely because of its input costs, operating costs and spare parts procurement costs are higher than ordinary repair shops of the decIsion. However, 4S shop advantage Is that professional and at ease, and better service, Will not move to something on your Car, but what really takes a bit of a contradiction dIspute also Redress of Grievances. And all the processes are there Is a clear regulatory requirements, the factory also has a quality control than a small repair shopOperation Is completely different. If you want to worry and effort, but also the Car’s true, it would rather spend more money to the 4S shop. If you really think that the 4S shop price Is too high, it should be relatively reliable choice for large repair shop to have a qualified repair maintenance, kind of a lot cheaper than the 4S shop of street stalls, recommendations Careful consideration.

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