4S shop last a stock car, the Audi SQ5 550,000 worth starting?

I believe everyone Is familiar with the Audi Q5, the most popular SUV in the end one model, the new year has been lIsted overseas, the domestic first batch of Cars Will soon be launched, with the appearance of the interior has great upgrade, domestic Q5 we have seen, that following thIs SQ5 imports have not find out about it?

days there before the fans private letter to Xiao Bian, said recently spotted an Audi SQ5,4S shop last batch of stock Cars, 550 000 you can fall worthwhile?

ThIs problem Is actually quite interesting, the new Audi Q5 on the market not long after the launch of the new SQ5, after the last batch of domestic stock Car 4S stores also sell and so began the new Car market, thIs high-performance SUV under normal circumstances, be able to fall around 600,000, fifty thousand cheap indeed very attractive.

From the models in terms of appearance, thIs Is almost the same with domestic SQ5 Audi Q5, the standard xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights, body length Is 4654mm, tire specifications for the 255/45 R20, high-performance alloy wheels with a high degree of recognition, the overall design Is more prominent sense of movement.

Q5 made with the Car interior are also similar, obvious difference Is that the steering wheel, instrument panel with the profile, the bottom of the steering wheel has a flat SQ5 flag, circular shift knob at the top, the dashboard has the same mark as a high-performance SUV should always identify themselves.

Digital thIs Is quite engaging dashboard, a top speed of 300km / h, the dIsplay driving the intermediate piece, there are many features, standard a tire pressure monitoring, and lines assIst, lane departure warning, cruIse control and Automatic parking, but full integration with the new LCD multimedia a little bit outdated compared.

Car handrail thIs complex, with various keys knobs Is very large, the transmIssion Is matched 8AT. From the new Audi Q5 to dIsclose the News, 7-speed dual-clutch Is almost a certainty, but in fact these two gearboxes have their own strengths,But domestic owners obviously prefer Automated manual transmIssion, if Audi stick with a dual-clutch, BMW X3 and then achieve localization, it Is bound to affect the overall sales.

co-pilot storage box Is not large, aluminum front panel has Quattro signs, many people choose Audi four-wheel drive because of thIs, right?

in the control thIs dIsplay features GPS with Bluetooth connection, bang & olufsen sound do not believe too much to explain, and twelve speakers Is absolutely comparable to the KTV effect.

Audi SQ5 rear seat Is not particularly spacious, but the overall sound with comfort are good, there Is the main driving level adjustment with lumbar support, front standard heating with seat memory, a panoramic roof sunroof particularly highlights.

SQ5 thIs cattle or 3.0T V6 engine, the maximum horsepower 354, the maximum torque of 470 Nm hundred kilometers long as five seconds so, faster than the average speed of the BMW line with the five-Benz E-class.

The interior design of thIs generation models rather backward, and thIs had to admit, embedded in the control panel, digital dashboards, plastic table needs upgrade, but after all, the Car with the dynamic performance are to force, models also experienced a test of time, just make sure the quality of thIs Car Is no problem, really cheap fifty thousand more attractive. Of course it anyway under the new addition to high prices, other configurations, power, interior, science and technology has greatly improved, there Is sufficient budget circumstances.