4S shop Is expensive and pit? Not professional repair shop? Car maintenance in the end where to go?

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For Car owners, the vehicle maintenance Is a thing to worry about. And it’s among the considerable number of people in the tangled: hIs Car at the time of maintenance, it Is to go 4S shop or repair shop to go. 4S Shop Pro, but high fees, but also full routine. The repair shop Is relatively cheap, but not necessarily really fly. That we maintain it exactly where to go? Today, we Will dIscuss thIs with everyone together to dIscuss the problem plagued many owners.

4S shop Is really expensive and pit?

We all know 4S shop Is designed for a brand, their maintenance technicians over a long period of training, brand models well known, so the 4S shop highly specialized Is certain. In addition to a professional service technician outside, 4S shop repair equipment Is also very professional and well, making troubleshooting, relatively more specialized maintenance. Meanwhile, 4S shop has a comprehensive parts management system, with regular parts warehousing, quality Is guaranteed to get. These are the advantages of 4S shop.

Of course, there are advantages and dIsadvantages. 4S shop Is well-known high fees, after all, Is the official maintenance, parts, work costs are high. In addition, the maintenance process tedious, time-consuming, thIs point Is also the most criticized everyone. In addition, the store all kinds of merchandIsing, described as routine full, but also a lot of people resent that.

repair shops do not really fly?

finIshed 4S shop, we talk about the repair shop, also called Auto repair shop. Currently, the repair shop Is divided into two categories, one Is a chain of stores, we often say another roadside repair shop. Let me talk about chain stores, a chain of stores with the 4S shop actually similar, but not only for a brand, and both the maintenance process Is almost the same. However, a chain of stores price Is relatively transparent, and work costs are relatively cheap. But currently there are only laying more outlets, three, four-wire network laying relatively small, the convenience of not very prominent in a second-tier cities.

and roadside repair shop wide dIstribution, maintenance Is also relatively provincial work costs are lower. But professionalIsm Is relatively poor, although a large number of maintenance technicians of technology Is to cross the border, but generally speaking either repair equipment or technology Is still in uneven standards. In addition, accessories are not complete Is also a dIsadvantage where, after all, most cases are only needed to look for what parts to order parts supplier. These are the pros and cons of the repair shop.

Maintenance exactly where to go?

If the vehicle Is still under warranty, then, are the first choice regardless of the size of the problem to the 4S shop for maintenance. Because the 4S shop maintenance records, consumer rights protection Is relatively easy to avoid some unnecessary trouble. In addition, important parts of the vehicle such as the emergence of the engine, transmIssion, suspension, electronic components and other failures, and even affect driving safety, have to go to the 4S shop for maintenance. Because they have more professional equipment, technical personnel, can be more accurate to troubleshoot and repair the fault. If you need replacement parts, then its formal parts warehouse can also provide quality assurance. If the warranty period Is over done little maintenance, such as replacing the oil, spark plugs you can choose to filter maintenance point to complete. In addition, the chain type stores or large-scale general repair shop can also be replaced, such as glass, tires which Is relatively simple and does not constitute a road safety impact of maintenance. Both the

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In fact, 4S shops and repair shops who better than absolutely no room who say, I can only say advantages and dIsadvantages. If problems arIse related to important vehicle parts, it was suggested to the 4S shop maintenance more appropriate. Others, such as routine maintenance or minor problems selecting relatively affordable price and technical clearance of a professional repair shop Is also possible. If you have ideas about vehicle maintenance, then welcome to leave a message exchange.