4s shop former employees: two car repair, smart people Will not do, you caught it?

4s shop former employees: two Car repair, smart people Will not do, you caught it?

now in our lives, the shadow of the Car everywhere, many people buy over after the Car certainly need a lot of things that we do next, and that Is a problem for Car maintenance in our lives, if not pay attention to Car maintenance, then its damage Is very large, thus greatly compromIsing the life of the Car, so the Car Is timed to its maintenance Is very critical for employees who 4s shop. They have been told to do maintenance out of the Car when there are two maintenance projects only understand people do not know you have not caught.

for the Car the usual routine maintenance, a lot of people know that to be done, but in general also need to do a Car Care within six months, because for maintenance Is that it can maintain our Cars, those who break the sword easier to wear, but also to make our Cars more smoothly open up for Car maintenance time Is also divided into many details, so many people for Car maintenance We feel that we just drove to 4s shops to which they OK it, to the end of maintenance, as long as the pay was relieved, but for Car maintenance, its price Is not particularly cheap.

For example, after we drove to the 4s shop inside, they all have to lIsten to the arrangements did, thIs time you Will find that vehicle maintenance Is probably down spend a lot of money now, if we can have a choice to do maintenance to the Car in time, we can also save a lot of expenditure for 4s shop inside, their Is no need to do some maintenance, but they are to earn take more interest, it Will give you no need to do some repairs, in fact, you are fooled by them to, but for some knowledgeable people, they never do these two projects, which Is the 4s shop staff use you are a novice just do not come out of some necessary repairs, and today I tell you Is that about.

1 means that maintenance replacement parts. We all know that Car because regular use, it Is inevitable there Will be some accessoriesSubject to wear, he also has a wear life, serious must be replaced, but he really needs to replace it? We must take a closer look, do not hear inside 4s shop staff asked for parts, we Will change, but that its price Is more expensive, Is to allow you to spend more, so for these parts, if he really Is a nearly life, we put it replaced, but some parts are fully able to use, they do not lIsten to their side of the story.

The second Is to clean up the oil, to clean up thIs oil Is especially recommended 4s shop inside of a Car maintenance, but the Car Is really really need to do very little, because thIs Is a Car could travel at the usual time, oil Is not complete combustion in which there have been some coke only, then there Will be some impurities, but for the Car does not need to clean up the oil, because Automotive oil are also a more complicated place itself, always clean, it Will easily lead to a variety of oil problem, affecting our Car’s engine, so the Car Is not recommend lightly oil clean-up.