4S shop car in for repair, glass and more to get the vehicles out of two holes, the owner: In order to potentially fraudulent!

sent 4S Car repair shops, Car glass to take extra hole 2, the owner: to Pianbao!

Since the oil spill appeared some time ago, there are a lot of problems 4S shop frequent, some owners do not get the rights to a good result, recently saw such a thing, there Is one owner to hIs Car to be repaired, but did not expect more out of the glass has two holes. Itself its own good Car to be repaired, no one thought hIs Car ruined like thIs.

thIs gentleman says he represents NIssan Car Is only open for two months, because of my driving Is not particularly good, so they occur a rear-end event, the front has been severely damaged, it can only send him to the 4S shop for repair. after a few days. 4S shop Car in for repair, glass and more to get the vehicles out of two holes, the owner: In order to potentially fraudulent! Reached the 4S shop to call him, saying hIs Car to get him to let repaired, but did not expect to go to the 4S shop, the Car not only failed to repair the damage but also bear the cost of maintenance.

The reason Is that he appears on the windshield of the two holes, he was very puzzled, because it was reported that members of the insurance when the damage Is not see Why the two holes send out more than 4S shop instead? The owner was very helpless and did not know two holes in the end Is how come, so he called to find a member of the damage, but they indicate that thIs Is not the scene of the accident, apparently caused by man-made.

That Is two holes 4S shop to get him on the wanted through hIs insurance payments, can be considered a potentially fraudulent behavior it. Rear-end serviced factory, but the extra two holes glass, the owner: 4S shop Liangxinhezai? But they did not admit to die for thIs matter, saying that thIs Is caused by an accident, Why are we’ll get you to say it? Left with the owner certainly Yeah.

but thIs thing for Car owners, insurance Is simply not so simple glass change, because once he Is gone next year’s insurance premiums Will naturally be more Some high, I did not expect because of potentially fraudulent 4S shop actually playing thIs abacus. And the owner Is not a vegetarian, they proposed to replace the Car, or get a glass breakage fee they paid when the 4S shop owners to see such a hard-line attitude of the time, they changed hIs story to the 4S shop.

They said the hole was probably did not see, we Will give you assume thIs cost, but if you buy a new Car, then it Is certainly not change, but we can give you a gift twice Care, they may also feel that thIs Is really not fool, so he has taken such measures. We feel that thIs matter whose fault Is it?