4S shop because it Is good technology so expensive, maintenance man told the truth, do not superstition 4S shop

before meow brother give you an analysIs over whether or not to have to do maintenance in the 4S shop, was also a friend questioned, 4S shop service technician and master it Is not really than the outside better, or else I am sorry thIs price. Today meow brother on their understanding of the situation give you an analysIs, 4S shop for maintenance and technical situation of the Car, Is not it really be better than the outside.

First, in terms of equipment and technical support 4S shop does technology and equipment than a lot of roadside maintenance shop to improve the support of some, especially for those relatively new technology and relatively small minority models, but even the best technology even the best equipment also need people to operate, thIs place Is related to the quality of personnel, which Is the maintenance of the master of technical and vocational spirit. In fact, when to do maintenance to the 4S shop closer look Will find that a lot of 4S shop in the front line of doing things really are very young faces, many of which are just a year or two graduate internship line points down and the kids, so they maintenance experience than those who master craftsmen sure there are still gaps, but meet the general maintenance of thIs problem Is small because of difficulty in itself Is not particularly large.

At the same time meow brother also asked about the situation of their Career development, better say a small master in the 4S shop to do a good accumulation of years of experience, it Is basically possible Will go outside, so from the technical staff and the quality of personnel, the difference between the 4S shop maintenance shop with the outside and did not imagine so much. There are even outside the normative quality of personnel and maintenance personnel, some stores do better than the insurance 4S shop, and the technology to do more sophIsticated. Because working with their work and with the 4S shop Is exactly two dIstinct states, not the same as the state determines the attitude of doing things Will be very different, with the 4S shop to work things do not screw up anyway wore 4S shop but what if he did not do so smashed shop next time Will not come, but messed up the reputation of the store it can only be closed.

The second point for repair after as some important core components such as gearboxes, some gearbox out of the question to the 4S shop maintenance, might 4S stop shop Depot trimester sometimes and so does not have any result, even the manufacturers sent a technical representativeFinally, do not look any results. Possible to repair the gearbox to the special place outside the gearbox to less than three days to fix, because the 4S shop technology Is derived from the manufacturer’s technical support, and the manufacturer’s technical support Will not turn around a 4S shop, actually the gearbox Is a roadside repair shop specialized master, he would even go to specialized technical parameters of a study of a gearbox, then for thIs problem to solve.

Third, after the Car insurance in the end want to go to 4S shop maintenance, if an ordinary maintenance oil change to the side of the road to do it , in fact, a roadside store maintenance when you can take a look at the master work, if deft master work, especially the master Is to open hIs own shop personally to you to do things, not too bad in general. But it comes to some of the more core Issues, such as gearbox problems to die, or suggest that you either go to the 4S shop or go to a special place to repair the gearbox, do not do it fast repair shop on the roadside. Typically for thIs more sophIsticated more central gearbox or engine problems, after a number of master roadside repair shops may not necessarily be removed to pretend to go back.

Finally, if the Car Is more niche models, but also inside the Car with a lot of variety of new technologies such as Tesla If thIs kind of new energy vehicles Is a problem, go to the roadside repair shops basically working, still have to go 4S shop, we do not have too much to superstition 4S shop, of course, do not go too much questioned by some roadside shops select a conscientious teacher to do maintenance work Carefully in fact closer to the mark than the big brand select a sub shop.