4S repair shop one week, quick repair shop with only one day, the price Is cheaper by half fly it?

have not seen in years on the fifteenth day, the A house for everyone to Zaibai two years!

The more such holidays, when we drove was more Careful, thIs Is not Igawa hIs Car, two days before the unfortunate in the move.

rub occurs, two words: sad ~!

thIs big New Year’s out of such a thing, quite uncomfortable, wronged ah. Just past, who do not want to open such a “with injuries,” the Car ah ~

how to do? Repair to chant! ThIs time we could go directly to the general 4S shop to fix it.

but in my experience, 4S stores after the holiday Will be a “sea of ​​people” screen, repair and maintenance the city waiting lIst , plus there are some workers master the New Year did not come back, 4S shop manpower shortage plus lengthy repair time , to go to work after the New Year Do not try a Car.

In fact, I chose to go fast repair shop Car repair, you can not help but be in doubt, “repair shops” fly it? did not try too little friends heart did a little drums, especially luxury Car brand Is even more worried, bad repair but to lose more .

Since the market fast repair shop was mixed, we first have to mop What happens to the quick repair shop to find out ~

What happens to the quick repair shop?

First, the need for member: not recommended

If the vehicle

directed to for pieces of the problem, Igawa suggest that you select fast repair on cautionCarefully, and then Carefully , 4S guaranteed bit relatively more parts store.

Some people may know

Automotive accessories Is the most easy transmIssion of the dIsease in , such as good luck points may encountered scrap pieces , the better, said parts itself if no quality problem can accept, after all, can be considered original.

However, if the

met those cottage accessories , and even fake accessories with their repair Is very dangerous , and at worst with live, serious point Is also possible threat to the safety of the Car .

Second, the only painting: OK

A house feel if that

simple rub, need to spray a paint something, repair shops Is to go, the worst case Is sprayed bad, affect the appearance or something –

a house Car because thIs Is only a slight rub, in order to save time on the choice of repair shops. That specific to

quick repair shop Car repair, pay attention to what it, followed by their house to see Ah ~

by repair shops spectral it? It see steps

See word phone consultation Is certainly the first step, and then look at everyone’s reputation in the various review sites

, to be a reference

. A house to the store, after communication with the customer service call, after years of repair shop learned a lot of people, seems to be doing good, if thIs store the peak of the species

repair of

, also deserted , then it would be Carefully chosen friends.

people on behalf of the good service it? Not necessarily, we all mix so many years X treasure like shopping site, know for sure what comment can also brush, they still have to personally go and see the field.

price, can take the insurance

After the general store, the master mechanic checks a vehicle damaged the situation, then fix up painting, paint prices.

A take home the repair, for example, stores have a unified price for the first time Is a piece of paint 399 yuan, after you have around 760 yuan.

If the repair shop, some two, generally offer the entire front bumper spray between 600 to 800 yuan. A house of 3 Series if sprayed in the 4S shop, plus time charge prices generally around 4,000 yuan.

If the painting techniques fly

, then repair shops on the price advantage Is still quite , but if price Is too low 100 dollars to get such kind of where Carefully chosen .

Another criterion Is the

can take the insurance

, repair shops If with the insurance companies have a , but also be recognized on thIs home quick repair shop construction quality to some extent, because the insurance company usually requires the cooperation of the repair shop must have at least two qualified repair shop before they can .

to see the equipment, painting brand

to the shop later, because the main purpose Is to paint, so a house would be more

to look at the painting on the device

to see if the store equipment Is not complete.

If there Is no

separate enclosed construction site

, that Will be dIscharged to the mixed paint in a lot of dust heteroarylQuality, the final spray paint Will completely uneven, for a long time Will let the paint explosion skin, cracking .

A home repair through micro-channel live video provided by repair shops, can be seen in a painting process, they do use a closed room be painted and the paint baking,

to reduce dust mixed with

, still feel feel relieved. Then there Is the brand of paint you, I went to paint thIs home Is more famous PPG, according to the store and say they are

There are various brands of color database

, the toner aspect not worry. a lot of Care after the meeting of paint Will not be worse than the quality of the original, the effect Will not be bad, it’s to tell you in great detail before we had,

concern “Car onion rings” reply “paint”

Will be able to see ~

pick up the Car note

the final step Is to take the Car to see the results of the construction. ThIs step Is a test of everyone’s eye, the store Will be the completion of the Car preparation, Is polIshed, but also waxing, plus the store’s lighting, completing just bought a new Car look like, it Is difficult to see in the end there Is no problem with color and the like.

so Igawa suggest that you fix after

drove out of the shop

, in

natural light below to see where there Is no color painting , the most important thing Is to see if the store has the quality of finIshed spray paint, spray paint finIsh if you really did not take long to catch up on the explosion the skin, but also a place to find warranty ah ~

Well, the thing about the quick repair shop before you talk to here, for everyone to summarize . Repair shops are more suitable for thIs process Is similar to my

case small scratch small rub.


1, less time

, the basic painting day Will be able to take the Car.

2, the quality of construction than the “street vendors” Is guaranteed.

3, compared to the 4S shop Is in addition to saving time and eliminating the need for a large fee when the maintenance man.

In addition A house like Car repair, if the insurance to go, do not dIscount the second year premiums, the cost of these dIscounts on more than the maintenance costs of repair shops do not not enough.


quick repair shop uneven, sometimes even luck.

Finally it ~ I hope everyone in the new year, can drive safely on the road, not an accident. What we would like to ask, want to know, go and review it ~