4S repair shop also has unspoken rules, quickly “car enthusiasts” help consumers, “says activIst”

4S shop as the official Car sales and after-sales maintenance sites, has been trusted by consumers. But recently, one of the owners of SAIC Volkswagen 4S shop encountered such a bad mind: hIs Car after the accident to the repair shop, 4S shop to mention the Car was found not in accordance with the requirements of all the damage repair, four thousand yuan the insurance payments are “mIssing.”

Faced with thIs maintenance rule, how should we do?

failure to assess the damage 4S shop requires maintenance of vehicles, payment of maintenance fees go up

SAIC Volkswagen Passat the owners Mr. Lee, through deft “Car enthusiasts” column to fast Cars resident rights experts say old often reflect their own problems, “Volkswagen Passat buy their own Cars in a traffic accident not long ago, insurance loss amounted to 14100 yuan, the Car onto the 4S shop for maintenance, take the Car but found the 4S shop to assess the damage there are more projects no maintenance. “according to 4S shop maintenance Issued statements of view, the actual repair costs only 10,000 yuan, the insurance company pay 4100 yuan mIssing. Lee In the case of repeated communications with the 4S shop failed to find the @ Car enthusiasts – old often reflect thIs problem.

Car enthusiasts – old often

@ Car enthusiasts – old often communicate with the insurance company owners – – Cangzhou, Hebei people’s insurance claims Center, have confirmed thIs Is the case. After the insurance company paid the full cost of repairs to the 4S shop, the store Is not in accordance with the requirements for maintenance, and insurance companies shirk that Is because the multi-set loss. Old often help owners, insurance companies and a number of communication 4S shop, and live in daily follow up the progress, eventually agreed to let the 4S shop maintenance money Is not returned to the owners.

quickly “cloud rights” on the line, “Car enthusiasts” boost consumer rights

we found in the survey, New York Volkswagen 4S shop to assess the damage do not follow the requirements of the case Is not a case of maintenance. SAIC Volkswagen Tiguan, SAIC Volkswagen Lavida and other models are also owners repair encountered such “hidden rules.” canSee, even if it Is officially certified 4S shop, reputation Is also worrying. In thIs regard, the old often quickly “Car enthusiasts” program also remind consumers how long a mind, if you want to check the first time after maintenance repair shop to repair the damage according to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

deft fast Car, said channel to create a “Car enthusiasts” program, designed to help Car shoppers online quickly resolve Issues related to Automotive, + live wheel drive through a short video, provide online channels to solve the case quickly and rights activIst for everyone, so have the same problem of old iron can be inspired, to better solve the problem.

Automotive aftermarket has always been a problem of difficulty activIst, said fast Car “Car enthusiasts” column Will give better play to the advantages of flow platform, with the power of professional Car anchor for consumers provide advocacy services more efficient, and constantly promote the healthy and stable development of the US Auto industry.