4s car drove to the repair shop, a fire into the shell, the owner: not money, lose my car!

As we all know, we usually want to buy a Car to 4s shops in the city, where there are various brands of Cars, and 4s shops Will also provide after-sales and maintenance services, can be said to be very user-friendly, but Zhengzhou Mr. Cheng 4s shop but then very unhappy, reason Is that he drove to the repair shop 4s, 4s shop fire mended hIs Car was burned, and afterwards the two sides on the Issue of compensation had a lot of differences, how it was ? Let’s look together.

Zhengzhou Cheng in March when the Car had a little accident, put the Car to the shop 4s, after a few days, 4s shop staff to call him, saying 4s shop fire accidentally burned hIs Car, after Mr. Cheng was shocked to hear thIs News, and hIs wife immediately went to 4s shop, then posted a fire place to keep watch seals, at the urging of Mr. Cheng, 4s shop was torn seals, Cheng saw hIs Car was really burned into an empty shell.

“I see the Car broke down, sitting on the ground, she cried!” Cheng wife crying not only because of the Car, but also because 4s shop front has been reluctant to solve the problem, since the Car was burned, so the next step was to talk about how to compensate, however, both sides have a lot of differences on the question of compensation, and 4s shops attitude Is very tough, unWilling to make let, helpless, Cheng couple had to resort to the media, the media may want to seek justice for them.

Reporter, accompanied by Mr. Chen couple came 4s shop to ask the relevant circumstances, 4s shop sale manager, said their paint shop on fire, the Car also happens to Cheng in, suddenly it did not burn up. Mr. Cheng’s Car was manufactured in 2010, has been used for nine years, Is estimated at 30 001 thousand dollars, the depreciation of the Car destroyed about 10,002 yuan, 40,000 yuan compensation when they want to, but Mr. Chen wanted 12 ten thousand yuan(CNY)(CNY), 4s did not agree corrected himself to be 80,000 yuan, 4s shop or dIsagree they began to trouble.

At thIs time, Cheng’s wife came out and said: We are not selling Cars, but to repair the 40,000 yuan can buy what Car? Our Car Is to open in 2089 would have no problem, and now we do not want money,Do not have a minute, you put the Car exactly the same back to us on the line. Face of aggressive Cheng couple, said the manager admits 4s Is not Willing to take responsibility, but they are too importune Mr. Cheng, and inland a month after another to 4s shops uttered many times, to cause great economic 4s shop loss.

outburst manager, Mr. Cheng’s wife began to cry out, wronged when he said: something has happened more than a month, my mood Who I can understand? ThIs has affected my life, had my body Is not very good, all of a sudden there Is such a thing for me Is even worse. It Is only we were forced to come to downtown, if things handled well who Will come to make trouble. Reporter interrupted: You can understand the feelings, but it Is absolutely irrational rights undesirable.

remarks after lIstening to the Reporter, Cheng couple also recognized hIs mIstake, apologized for a manager, said they are not too temper well, mostly too anxious. Managers also timely to make a compromIse, to say the things they are active and after consultation Cheng, but the two sides have no opinion on the same amount of compensation, so things Will be so much noIse so stiff. Seeing the attitude of both sides has eased, Reporter out to do ideological work, and ultimately, Cheng agreed to accept 40,000 yuan compensation 4s shop given.

Finally, a small trying to say Is, someone sent hIs Car to repair shop 4s, 4s it should protect the safety Car, which Is the responsibility of 4s shop can not shirk, since a problem, everybody wants to see, then both sides should sit down and negotiate the Issue of compensation to calm. In thIs matter, the primary responsibility for the negative 4s shop, should not take a look at the market value of the Car, after all, not someone else to sell Cars, but Car repair, so the amount of compensation higher than the market price justifiable. In thIs regard, how do you see?