4 large common understanding of engine failure, Will no longer be black heart repair shop “pit”!

a common understanding of four major engine failure, Will no longer be black heart repair shop “pit”!

Is well known that the engine Is one of the core components of a Car, a failure due to the complex structure once their owners are not easy to repair, only get the Car to a repair shop for professional maintenance personnel. However, due to information asymmetry, the majority owner of the basic fault recognition of Automobile engine Is not much, only to let the last offer repair shops and check personnel, especially in some of the Auto repair shop not too formal, and sometimes obviously just burned fuse dozens of pieces can be repaired, only to repair a few hundred Tai Yuen.

Today, we work together to talk about common Automobile engine failure four questions, you may also wIsh to look at the owner.

First, the lubricant Is insufficient fault lights

When the Car when indicating insufficient engine oil, thIs time in the just finIshed maintenance or if the Car Is still a maintenance cycle that Is not a normal phenomenon of lubricating oil warning lights on the dashboard. The reason for thIs Is generally 3:

1, using the quality of oil failed.

2, the engine pIston seal abrasion burning oil.

3, long life Automobile engines, pIston and cylinder wear and eventually lead to burning oil.

Second, engine overheating

Comparative common Automobile engine overheat the problem, in fact a lot of time with the engine overheating the engine itself has nothing to do, but a problem with the cooling system resulting in engine cooling can not be normal. ThIs case the owner should check the engine coolant priority vehicle Is sufficient and whether the normal operation of cooling fan, the tankThe water pipe for blockages. Automotive cooling system does not determine the possible problem Is the engine itself has failed.

Third, the engine smell too large

I believe you should have had thIs experience in driving the process always smell coming from the engine compartment of various oil taste. It varies in severity thIs case, since the engine compartment Is generally caused by the aging oil pipeline leak oil, leading to high temperature and the engine oil evaporation odor. The second case Is an engine oil leak. Engine encountered smell Is too large, we can let the maintenance of the master to check whether there Is a variety of pipe leakage, and if not then check the engine itself.

Fourth, the color black tail

a normal Automobile engine exhaust the exhaust gas Is colorless, if you find the original black vehicle exhaust, and fuel consumption increases power weakened, a great chance because of internal engine Carbon deposits have reached the limit. ThIs time as long to do an engine Carbon cleaning project, the basic problem can be resolved.

Carbon Is all internal combustion engines have problems, some owners Will regularly use fuel additives, so that Carbon deposits inside the engine remains in a normal within , so it Will not appear black smoke, excessive fuel consumption, power weakened happen. Common faults

four or more Car engine, it Is not considered a serious fault, just let owners feel that looks engine problems. ThIs time we drove to the repair shop, so do the maintenance of the master targeted examination, usually a check a prospective, so that we can effectively reduce the unnecessary maintenance costs. If I say help you move a finger to point a praIse it!