4-cylinder engine tune most stupid way valve

Is well known, whether an engine intake or exhaust valve, a gap Is standard at all, if an exception occurs, then naturally need to be adjusted. So, in order to facilitate to solve the problem, we give below a tune-valve 4-cylinder most stupid way of it.

4-cylinder adjustment valve most simplest of methods

First, we ignition sequence 1-3-4-2 4-cylinder engine as an example, when a cylinder when the compression top dead center, the adjustable 1-2-3-6 four valves. When cylinder at the compression top dead center, four valves adjustable 4-5-7-8. The clockwIse rotation of the crankshaft and 360 degrees (one rotation), so that the pIston 4 in the cylinder on the compression stroke TDC.

but it should be noted, do not ignore the problem of valve clearance, if the valve clearance Is too small, it would lead to decreased engine power, and even lead to valve burn. Of course, the gap Is too large Is not allowed, it Will not only exacerbate the wear and tear of parts, and intake and exhaust cylinder Is the case have an impact, so when we found the gap when abnormal, must be timely treatment.