360,000 to start an Audi A4, hundred kilometers in 5.9 seconds, and said that it Is better to BMW 320?

sense of technology Audi A4 and BMW five lines of sufficient comparable analog cockpit, full LCD screen are the owners favorite configuration, A4 and BMW 3, Mercedes-Benz C even different Infiniti Q50 place Is that it also insIsted precursor, power Is indeed not bad, but most people still prefer the BMW 320, and finally pure driving finally, prefer handbrake three lines do not Audi.

ordinary A4 do not, then thIs has the Audi A4 Quattro system you can also see touched upon?

Matrix LED headlamps that the identity has been filled with its lamp plant, the net Quattro obvious signs, but also with a headlight cleaning system, generation Sure enough, the A4 and A6 Is more like a big brother.

thIs Car landed more than 260,000 full amount, in general, a sense of science and technology and work with the ordinary 40TFSI no difference, even configure even lower, may buy thIs Is the four-wheel drive system plus a Torsen differential lock, hundred kilometers in just 5.9 seconds, faster than the two-drive two full seconds, thIs four-wheel drive system really impress.

Interior configuration includes a tire pressure monitoring, cruIse control, panoramic sunroof, a start key, a key window lifter, splines, as well as heating and dimming rearview mirror, because it Is the sports version of personality, so it Is not a full LCD instrument panel, so that it Is better to version 40TFSI.

dashboard top speed 300km / h, the same power Is 2.0T engine, the maximum horsepower to 252, the maximum torque of 370 Nm.

Audi A4 Is very spacious rear seats, leather seats texture Is also very good, as well as lay down center armrest cup holders.

Light plant products Will be fine, Audi taillight design Is really generation older generation, LED strip are directed in turn, glare Is not so serious.

attached to the trunk of Quattro-wheel-drive logo Is also evident Is definitely a symbol of the Car.

four-wheel drive Audi A4 and BMW in general, should be a 335 level, of course, the price Is certainly lower the Audi, Quattro Is now also get Audi A4 do big selling point, I can only say that Audi BMW have their own strengths.