360,000 car budget, the BMW 320Li Yao election night, or the Audi A6?

fans last week there was a small series of private letters say: he has just been finIshed 30th birthday, recently wanted to transfer, Car budget of around 360,000, Is entangled BMW 320Li Yao night with Audi A6L, do not know which higher cost of Car models, would like to hear your views.

ThIs problem Is more interesting, from the positioning Is concerned, the BMW three lines are the B-Class, Audi A6 Is C-Class, Audi Is definitely better. From the price Is concerned, these two Cars Is really about the same, 320Li Yao night landing less than 360,000, the Audi A6L may be multiple thousands of dollars, really cheap before updating.

Let’s talk about these two Cars first, then a conclusion too late.

The first Is the BMW 320Li Yao night, the Car with the Audi A6L as a replacement soon, the price Is to force the appearance of M Sport Package with Yao night blackened decoration, Yen value Is beyond doubt. The Car configuration Is high enough, there Is the original full LCD instrument panel, steering wheel T, heads-up dIsplay, Harman Kardon stereo, young people Will like.

BMW three-line Yao nights configuration Is good, but the Car Will work the case, can only say that some progress than the old models, countertops were using sutures cortex, but still a lot of plastic sheeting.

Both Cars BMW Is slightly better in terms of power, 320 Is 2.0T turbocharged engine, maximum horsepower of 184, more than one hundred kilometers 7 seconds . And 360,000 want to buy the Audi A6, that only the minimum with 1.8T models, maximum horsepower of 190, more than eight seconds hundred mph.

look at the Audi A6, the margin of preference thIs Car Is really big, guidance to 400,000, naked Car can talk about around 310,000, Yao floor price with the 320Li night almost.

Audi A6L first impression Is stable atmosphere, the new A6 coming soon, cash sales have been very good. From the vehicle in terms of size, A6L Is definitely more cost-effective than the BMW 320Li, spacious interior space, comfort with sound insulation to be good, after all, people are C-Class, with the treasureM51 Department of the same level.

ThIs Is a Audi A6 interior slightly rough, in addition to the price advantage, used to seeing the BMW five lines with the Mercedes-Benz E after the class, it Is estimated that no one Will be Willing to choose Audi, which Is the reason for the introduction of the new Audi A6 can not wait, and really want to cash out of.

The interior mediocre A6, the configuration Is not high, mostly required attachments, panoramic sunroof, heads-up dIsplay, heated seats, seat memory, external dimming rearview mirror and so on are not. BOSE Car stereo also need optional, but Audi A6 original sound pretty good, there are 10 speakers, definitely better than the ordinary three-line.

Audi A6 biggest advantage Is space in the Car with the comfort, definitely not a three-line BMW can be compared.

to summarize the highlights of the two Cars:

BMW three lines: good control, high-profile, suitable for hIs own.

Audi A6L: a large space, high comfort, can take Care of the home.

These two Car positioning performance, the focus Is not on one level, it can be said that the character of the opposite two Cars , the gap Is really big, but the price Is just similar.

If the owners feel that they are still young age of 30, then choose the BMW three-line, if that steady start, then choose the Audi A6.