3500 yuan monthly salary hand, if you can afford to raIse about 10 million cars

went to either sun exposure, or Is the sudden storm of the season. Think thIs might tanning, there may be rain, and probably buy a Car again put on the agenda. For young people a large part of it, can not afford too expensive, too expensive and feel shame. Most buy the first Car of a friend, Will choose to buy about 100,000 of a Car, affordable, have not lost face child. Then we hand the salary every month, just about afford to raIse a 100,000 Car yet, the hand 3500 yuan enough to keep a Car? Small leather Car dad count an actual consumer account.

various cost new Car purchase would not have said, the Car costs and keeping a Car cost not to mess up, the Car costs a place, keeping a Car, Car costs It Is an ongoing process. That year, we have to keep a Car, Car costs, to calculate, and then look at the average cost.

Is the first to calculate the vehicle insurance and travel tax, which Is an annual fee must be incurred by the, and the insurance company Will set up a timely reminder, but also very positive to you call you are. 10 million Cars, 950 per year to pay high insurance, thIs certainly have to pay, and no danger, the second year there Will be a dIscount, but thIs offer Will not be more than 100 yuan, 950 yuan terms would follow it.

and commercial insurance, commercial insurance choice Is a bit more complex, different insurance different prices, according to a three responsible 500,000 Car damage, passenger insurance, excluding deductible, probably around 4,500 yuan look. Travel tax different country, then it Is calculated according to 300 yuan. Total look, travel tax and insurance Is a total of 950 + 4500 + 300 = 5750 yuan. Subdivided into 12 months a year, it Is about 479 yuan a month cost of the.

then a necessary cost of fuel Is spent, thIs week head to calculate it, in fact, Ye Hao counted, according to a used Car mileage statIstics, probably only a year traveling 10,000 km It looks, the normal means of transport that Is up to 15,000 kilometers a. To intermediate calculated according to 12,000 km. After 100,000 hungry people around the Car, with an average hundred kilometers Is about 6-8 liters, 7 liters to the middle calculated. Now gasoline prices 927.2 yuan, to run 12,000 kilometers, fuel costs Is 6048 yuan. Assigned to 12 months, the monthly fee Is 504 yuan a fuel.

there Is a cost, maintenance costs of the vehicle, ran 12,000 kilometers a year, about 10 vehicles in general Is 5000 km or once a month maintenance, twice a year to be a bar, basic maintenance costs of about $ 600 each time, twice a 1,200 yuan, equivalent to 100 yuan per month. ThIs Is not very good maintenance fee calculation, make up a paint, to change a tire or something, nothing special accident, it Is 1000 yuan, 83 yuan per month. The Car wash Is to calculate the cost, once a month, always wash it, count 30 yuan a month.

Then there are two special little cost, and that Is the cost of parking violation fines. Parking fee it, look at the position in which the individual, and there Is free parking area, there Is no parking fee, without calculation. What dIstrict received management fees, plus the cost of parking to go out a month estimate Is probably $ 500 parking fee. Then the cost illegal, according to the statIstical sample survey, the average year Is about 3.65 times the violation, the penalty cost Is probably around 600 yuan, 50 yuan Is assigned to each month.

What other Car beauty, waxing, what decoration Is not calculated, the difference Is too large, then the basic Is more than the cost of keeping a Car these. Total look, not the average cost Is 479 + 504 + 100 + 83 + 30 + 500 + 50 = 1746 yuan. That Is, after we buy about 10 million Cars, so keep a Car costs about 1746 yuan a month Is. According to the average cost of each calculation, if the hand Is 3500 yuan monthly salary Is half of the cost each month to be used to keep the Car.

whether it support it, if it Is not rent, purchase the full amount of the case, there Is no large consumption plan. Count the cost-based hand wages 3500, that Is, paycheck to paycheck, possessor of one of the 10 Car, it Is still possible. If it Is, then Car loans, plus monthly installments, it Is probably no worries about food and clothing, Will be considered to keep a Car.

said that in the end, the actual cost of keeping a Car for our Car, there are some references of meaning. We can look at our monthly real income Is the amount after daily expenses removed. ThIs then also need to spend 1746 dollars, even if the monthly expenditure of 1750 yuan more of it, the result Is a Car for everyday use. Then our standard of living, because thIs Is 1750 expenditures declined, still because of the Car and improved. Referring back to look at and consider whether we buy a Car, then bought, whether raIsed uncomfortable.