320,000 to start the BMW X1, Audi says Is better Q3, four-cylinder engine have been sprayed?

320 000 to start up thIs new BMW X1, encountered similar age five little friends buy a home, there are four said “ThIs Is a new three-cylinder BMW Car, right?” Sometimes really bother to explain. BMW X1 Is nothing more than the same type of Car Audi Q3 and Mercedes GLA, Mercedes-Benz GLA because the body Is too small, the appearance of a little wonderful work.

Audi Q3 Is really embarrassed to say, the rear seats really are too crowded to be a child, or the old section of the interior, trunk shape than it Is right there ugly ? BMW X1 the other hand, thIs would be very suitable for home, body growth over the previous generation a lot.

Frankly, if the budget Is not really the owners Will not consider a three-cylinder, three-cylinder engine and four-cylinder engine Is indeed very different, thIs X1 equipped with 2.0T four-cylinder engine has 192 horsepower, the Car also has the power 141kw, the data Is certainly improved a lot than the previous generation.

the Car interior Is also improved a lot than the previous generation, the first and second row can be power-adjustable, and thIs Is the reason for its large space and, apart from the there Is an outer front seat memory with seat heating.

inside the

Car Is also available with a head-up dIsplay, a key to start, electronic parking are standard. Drawback Is that transmIssion Is a love letter, the eight-speed Automated manual transmIssion shift knob Is the most common pole, always a friend scoffed, “even chicken stalls are not, have the nerve to say that they BMW” Think Is really a point.

18-inch wheels coupled with large momentum runflat Indeed, modeling Is much more attractive than the Mercedes-Benz, Audi. In the early sales of the BMW X1 has always been ahead of the Audi Q3, after thIs facelift Will come up with a three-cylinder engine, reputation plummeted since then, in D-class Car Will have a four-cylinder BMW 730, BMW Is really feel other places made better than Mercedes-Benz, Audi? Or deliberately belittle their own brands grade?

how the rear seats can be yourself, Is the main driving tune ago, the co-pilot has not yet mobilized.

BMWLED angel eye headlights, but thIs Car Is also equipped with a timely four-wheel drive system, the general urban roads Is absolutely able to cope.

last row has become a double design, the drawback Is not BMW chicken stalls, other configurations are greatly improved.