30,000 km BMW X6 cab smell unpleasant, repair master: severe engine oil leakage!

engine valve chamber cover oil leakage you to repair it? Valve chamber cover most of the engine Is the sealing portion of the member, corresponding to the oil pan, engine oil Is a mainly closed up, so that the engine Is running, the lubricating oil does not leak to the outside.

As the oil inside the engine lubricating fluid most important, if the lack of oil for a long time, because of lack of lubrication of the engine Will inevitably damage; sealed storage as part of the oil in the process of long-term use often because of aging or the oil pressure Is too high and so lead to leakage. And open the hatch, the first thing observed was leaking engine valve chamber cover the most vulnerable and most likely to find leaks parts.

In dozens of cases of oil leakage engine valve chamber cover the last six months of maintenance in which the valve chamber cover pad aging oil leakage due to occupy the entire bulk of data; a cover for the valve chamber oil leakage, some owners require replacement only valve chamber cover pad, resulting in the maintenance of secondary cases are not unusual; because the engine valve chamber cover bring to bear different high temperature and pressure in the valve chamber cover pad leading to aging, while the valve chamber cover also Will produce a deformation member, ultimately can not play a good sealing effect.

ThIs figure above BMW X6 Is also encountered in the case of oil leakage valve operating chamber cover; said earlier described when the engine Is idling owner, standing next to the Car looks like you can smell the taste of the high-temperature oil, now it Is not only in the Car can smell, even the smell can get in the cab. After examination, the reasons for thIs Is the smell of oil leakage with the valve chamber cover serious about.

ThIs BMW X6 2013 Year of Manufacture Patengboge plant by 3.0 liters equipped with a single-line output 225 kilowatts 6-cylinder engine; thIs engine manufacturing of stress, high thermal efficiency; high thermal efficiency also brings some dIsadvantages, such as the phenomenon of accelerated aging of the seal.

the Car in the factory today after five years, with a total of more than thirty-seven thousand kilometers, the average annual miles traveled less than ten thousand kilometers; thIs time the owner was very puzzled Why it traveled more than 30,000 kilometers of oil leakage appearedHappening? The best explanation Is the above mentioned drawbacks of high thermal efficiency to bring it!

FIG circle on the cover of the valve chamber has a severe oil leakage; bakelite material can not be guaranteed since a valve chamber has no lid deformed, after the valve Is in the room after high cover Will become very brittle in the installation process a little attention might lead to rupture valve chamber cover, in order to avoid secondary damage caused by repairs, eventually we recommend owners to replace the valve chamber cover assembly.

Although the removal of the replacement engine valve chamber cover thIs Will take some time to complete the huge amount of work, with the same brand 5 Department and other series models, the BMW X6 removal space has been considered as very big. In order to obtain more space dIsassembled valve operating chamber cover, the upper circle in FIG air filter cover and rain deflector stabilizer and a balance needs to be removed.

FIG circle on the reasons for the state after the dIsassembly removed so many parts there are two, one Is sufficient Removing few screw fixing space near the sixth cylinder, the second Is adequate viewing space to install the valve cover assembly chamber, the valve chamber lid to prevent pad loss and dIslocation.

The picture shows the ignition coil and the fuel pipe and harness are removed after the state.

After removal of about 20 minutes, about to tear down parts of the tool Cart filled.

After about 15 minutes, the valve chamber cover Is fully removed; FIG comparIson of the old and new circle valve chamber cover.

valve chamber cover removed after the owner of said odor Is derived from the inner circle in FIG.; The circle marked parts none other than the high temperature exhaust manifold; I believe a strong ability to observe the riders can see at a glance thIs engine Is designed to be somewhat rightInclined, here together with the valve operating chamber cover fixing screw Is not much, which also resulted in much less than the effect of sealing the left; the final leakage oil flows along the oblique angle of the engine on the high temperature exhaust manifold, oil slowly evaporate in the face of high temperatures, which Will form the owners of the smell taste.

The outer air inlet at the air conditioning cycle in the range of odor Is generated, so the Car owners smell the odor Is not surprIsing; oil evaporated the matter Is likely to have been attached to the air filter, in order to reduce the smell so it Is recommended that owners should promptly replace the air conditioning filter.

Finally, take thIs case, small Min suggest that riders, if you encounter the case of the valve chamber cover oil leakage, and valve chamber cover as bakelite material, to avoid secondary repair or replace the dIsposable assembly more appropriate.