3 large car long oil change once the best? Owners remember well, do not lIsten to 4S shops and repair shops

Cars 3 large oil how long for once the best? Owners remember well, do not lIsten to 4S shops and repair shops

Now the configuration of the Car more and more rich more and more sophIsticated. Basically, after a Car assembled, it requires the use of more than 20,000 parts, such precIsion Is very exaggerated. And the types of materials used in the Car Is a lot, but even if there are different alloys of metal. And there Is the presence of blood in the Car, which promotes blood ahead of the Car.

Whether gasoline, oil, transmIssion oil, brake fluid, windshield wiper or liquid, frozen liquid. These Cars are a little oil can not live without. And over time need to be replaced, but the replacement cycle Is exquIsite, the replacement too diligent bad, function Is not timely Is not good, so fluid replacement Is also a technology live.

How long oil change once?

we need to know the type and quality of the oil Is diverse, different qualities of oil there are differences in the time to replace it. Oil generally mineral oil in the Car driving to 5,000 km when you can be replaced. Semi-synthetic oils are generally replaced every 7000 kilometers on it. If synthetic oil, then can be replaced even more than 10,000 kilometers. Different quality must be different.

And when we change the oil, do not be too frequent, if thousands of kilometers to be replaced once, then we have only just started using oil to replace, no running good, so the model Is not only bad, or even hurt the Car. But if our Car environment Is bad, then we should change the oil in the scheduled time in advance some of the above, thIs can effectively protect our Car.

How long transmIssion fluid needs to be replaced once?

force transmIssion oil for our Cars, it Is a great role, transmIssion oil also perIshable, once the deteriorationThen it Will lead to wear of transmIssion becomes very serious or even scrapped. So we also need to have an idea gearbox oil replacement. Although a longer transmIssion oil change intervals, usually once a replacement in about 60,000 km. But when we Cars to 30,000 km, it Is best to check first, if that oil change in the gearbox or less deterioration found, then it would have timely replacement.

and that the brake oil change Is added if often not time period, to the 4S shop for maintenance when best to check some of the measured oil brake oil how much amount. If the amount Is reduced, then it should promptly be added. Add the oil must not be excessive, otherwIse it Will affect the health of our Cars.

Car oil replacement cycle we must remember, once the calculation Is not good, replace too late or too early, are likely to hurt the Car.