29 yuan Will be able to check the vehicle maintenance records? 4S stores have “ghost”

Not long ago, a popular second-hand Car market Is called “Amoy Car Masters,” the App, as long as the payment of $ 29 Will be able to query the 4S shop maintenance records, accident hIstory, mileage, etc. Finally, the number of Cars on the APP information. ThIs information Is particularly important for a lot of people who want to buy a used Car. Because in deciding whether to buy the Car second-hand Car, depending on whether the Car Is too big problems, such as whether was flooding, fire, accidents and so too. So, thIs App Will soon fire up in the circle. But the survey found that thIs Is a program that specializes in Car illegally obtaining data information provided by the gangs, plug them through accounts, illegally obtaining a large number of 4S shop owners and vehicle information, paid to provide to other users ……

custom plug-ins query owner information

May 17 thIs year, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, a Car 4S store official report said they found high-store account login aftermarket head of a DMS system using exceptions. Anytime soon, the account Will query every day more than 500 different vehicle-related data, which Is significantly more than the normal workload 4S shop. DMS systems mentioned here, refers to the maintenance records for Car dealers to regIster vehicles uploading, find internal operating system and other information related to the vehicle owner. Just enter the chassIs number in the system, you can check the Car brand in the country related data for each Car. Police investigations revealed that the host computer behind the high of a 4S store employees use a U dIsk inserted, there are anomalies in the program run. Forensic analysIs by the Center, the U dIsk, there Is a DMS system 4S shop custom program that can Automatically check the system owner’s name, license plate number, chassIs number, service information and other relevant information, thIs Is actually a plug-in program. Criminal gangs bribe 4S shop employees stealing Car data with in-depth investigation, the police found that thIs Is not the case, but a Car that specializes in illegally obtaining data of criminal gangs. October 27, the MinIstry of Public Security supervIse the handling of the case. Police investigators said, by the review found that the suspect Is a high 4S shop selling vehicle data information “within the ghosts.” According to hIs account, in March 2019, New York company employees named Ma to the 4S shop, and a private highUnder the linked, agreed to provide a high DMS system by account number and password to the named Ma, named Ma in order to obtain vehicle data, and named Ma’s company Is paid monthly to a high. It Is understood, browse 4S shop DMS system, not only can get the owners of illegal information, but also get a lot of vehicle information. These data include accident records of vehicles, maintenance records, maintenance records, replacement parts records, the contents of the number of vehicle mileage and so on. Case investigation process, the police seized three core data servers and 21 computer hard drives. Identification of bodies identified, the gang were acquired data involving 32 brands, more than 1.55 million vehicles. According to the suspects confessed that they worked with a number of 4S shop staff in private conventions: the store clerk to provide for the companies involved DMS system account and password, the companies involved to the clerk to pay monthly fees. To the incident, involving the company paid a total of more than 50 million, some 4S store employees illegal profit of 5 million yuan(CNY)(CNY).

▲ “Amoy Car Masters” screen Data for


illegal access to data to provide paid services

According to police investigators introduced, the companies involved do under the vehicle condition used Car business line assessment, required vehicle-related data. Initially, they purchase data from other companies, due to high cost, to get the longer data period, so companies involved in some of the shareholders propose to develop a software program, access to relevant data from the 4S shop through other means. The company illicit acquIsition of various brands of vehicle repair and maintenance data used to develop the production of “Amoy Car Masters” App search platform, then put paid to provide the platform for others to use and earn money. In addition, they Will also illegally acquired data to other Cars used Car evaluation, acquIsition platform sold to pay-per-contract price. Opaque, irregular phenomenon breed illegal police handling the case said the reason for such behavior of Internet crime, mainly due to the weak legal awareness of some Internet companies, one-sided that new areas are gray areas, so in order to obtain data by any means. And some Car production and sales enterprIses, confusing its internal information system security management, did not take effective preventive measures, and even collusion, illegal transfer personal information of citizens. In addition, second-hand Car trading vehicle market, a general needVehicle-related data to support, but to obtain vehicle data, there Is often “opaque, informal” phenomenon, which also provides favorable conditions for Internet crime.