28 yuan automotive air conditioning maintenance costs, 4S stores has spent 9,000 yuan cheating behavior Stopped?

in Suqian, there was a Mr. Jiang found hIs Mercedes Car air conditioner Is not cooling, in June Is the hottest time, which can not open ah. So he drove to the 4S shop maintenance, the results met him very angry things.

When Mr. Jiang to the Car 4S shop, shop maintenance personnel to inspect the Car, then told Mr. Jiang, said the Car air conditioner Is not cooling the reason Is bad compressor, but also can not be repaired, we need to replace a new compressor. Mr. Yu Shijiang asked how much money the store for a compressor? Auto 4S shop said, need 9000 yuan. Mr. Jiang Is a 9000 dollars, so expensive ah, have a big head. To find a friend in the store, suddenly cheaper in 2000 dollars, 7000 dollars can get it, which felt Oh look cheaper than 2000 dollars, looking for the acquaintance’s face Is not a small ah. Mr. Jiang glad to make the acquaintance of thIs meal, and it Is readily paid the deposit.

Since the 4S shop not in stock, orders from manufacturers, so Mr. Jiang again drove back, way back, met a friend, Mr. Jiang gave up the other side joke, says veteran ah, you are the people who drive a BMW, you see so save money, actually in thIs great heat solar terms, reluctant to air conditioning. Mr. Jiang said, it was my money ah, my Car Is above the air conditioning inside the compressor Is broken, not the air conditioning. Friends heard that, she replied, I happened to be open repair shop, I give you check it, after a friend’s check, sir friend found the compressor Is not bad, but inside the compressor coil burned , not to say that the entire compressor want to change, and it cost only 28 dollars.

Mr. Jiang a, that he may be furious, 28 yuan can be repaired, 4S shop actually to 9000 dollars for compressor, Chiang immediately 4S shop called and asked to return to 6000 yuan deposit. 4S shop a strongly dIsagreed, saying that we have to find manufacturers orders, and can not refund the deposit! Mr. Yu Shijiang 12315 consumer rights protection center to call, but fortunately in the rights of government departments, 4S shop agreed to refund the deposit to Mr. Jiang.

but I’m afraid that Mr. Jiang Will never come to the 4S shop repair, which alsotoo dark. My friends, you have a Car problem Is where to repair? 4S shop look at how thIs bully behavior.