230,000 new Camry floor, high prices can only buy 2.0 dIsplacement, two points less satIsfied

Today Is the great beginning of the sixth, the first wIsh everyone a Happy New Year holiday coming to an end, pick up a good mood to work.

The new Camry thIs time really fire, set Cars in December to March mention, January mention Cars generally have four or five months, 4S shop small Car was taken away end of dIsmal sales, Is expected to appear blowout in the first half of thIs year. Friends a few days to grab a current Car, the new Camry 2.0G Deluxe Edition naked prices 199,800, one point Is not cheap, increase 5000, landed more than 230,000 full amount, Xiao Bian heard the News head out four words: “really rich”, 230,000 to buy a 2.0 self-priming dIsplacement of the B-class Car, the Accord and the estimated magotan owners saw all shivering.

Car worth? We dIscuss thIs bad, after all, did not open, first determine the point: they like owners, others are secondary.

but thIs Car after the test drive, there are two individuals not satIsfied.

1: 2.0L matching 6AT gearbox, to find out about thIs Car knows, the new Camry Is certainly the most attractive hybrid flagship, has the most advanced hybrid dual-jet technology, fuel consumption and speed are very good. Ordinary 2.5 dIsplacement models have 8AT gearbox, relatively speaking dIsplacement of 2.0 6AT gearbox Is really very unfair.

2: Power hundred kilometers new Camry dIsplacement acceleration 2.5 8.5 seconds, while the direct dIsplacement of 2.0 to 10 seconds, not too late to keep up with accelerated in Honda’s Accord Will be updated 1.5T and 2.0T engines, Toyota thIs 2.0L engine self-priming really a bit behind the times.

Of course, these two are personal views, if they feel 2.0L enough to use that much, did not say how, but thIs really let the price of 230,000 people can not figure out.

Let’s look at thIs Car work, these areas have much to praIse point, the Car Is very big internal changes, the entire center console design and materials and all the old models are not the same, the table with a lot of soft material, the following are in the control suture cortex.

the appearance of the Car but fortunately did not choose fashion version 2.0S, My advice: buy a new Camry 2.0S really better to choose cheaper 2.0G Deluxe Edition , five thousand expensive fashion version, a more sporty look, 18-inch wheel hub, bilateral four vent, Car and tire pressure monitoring actually less power seat, not all primary co-pilot!

thIs deluxe version of the appearance, though not eye-catching, but really good-looking, 17-inch wheel hub Is also more durable, bilateral last row Is also very impressive, the most important It Is cost-effective.

The new Camry in terms of safety Is also commendable, the whole Car has seven airbags, standard active braking and lane deviation shift warning, these really are high configuration.

Main aspects of the copilot seat has electric adjustment, the front passenger seat has an adjustable back button.

Car rear seats can recline, the whole space Is very spacious, comfort Is also much improved over the old models, thIs generation of the Toyota Camry Is indeed very good , the price Is too expensive!

Although there Is no Car dashboard whole liquid crystal dIsplay driving, but thIs intermediate large enough, there Is rIse driving position dIsplay .

armrest position neater than the old models, work Is also obviously a lot of good, solid wood panels and stainless steel with a very significant high-end, thIs file to design the whole system are the same, except that there Is 6AT, if For doing 8AT it Is perfect.

If after reading all of the B-class Car market, thIs Camry Is definitely the price artificially high, and under the same price, Volkswagen, Buick, Ford, Accord are can buy high-power version, but thIs Car Is only 169 horsepower 2.0, even if the new Regal 1.5T plus 9AT be a lot stronger than it Is, other Magotan, Passat can be more than 1.8T, and more rumored next-generation Accord Is 1.5T plus 10AT, the price to buy the Camry really Is not a good deal, or if it Is 2.5LGasoline-electric hybrid version, the price was expensive, but at least cost-effective hard enough in itself, especially hybrid vehicles, gas-electric injection technology the world there are a few can do it? The whole essence of the replacement model Is the hybrid.

and low-emIssion Car Is a good Car, then wait for the wonderful! Please feel free local tyrant.