2019 car repair information to inform public inspection Which car prices named?

August 16, the MinIstry of Transport Highway Institute of Science and Technology Information DIsclosure vehicle maintenance center (hereinafter referred to as public center) Issued the “Circular on 2019 annual vehicle maintenance technology special inspection situation public information” (hereinafter referred to as “Bulletin”), acquired exclusive information thIs Newspaper show that in 2019 a total of 30 companies selected a total of 120 models conducted a field inspection, the overall situation has greatly improved over previous years, but there are still two companies Is not a small number of models done.

information dIsclosure filing system Is the core

aftermarket industry information opacity, the core maintenance technology in the hands of Car manufacturers, end markets are not first-hand information on these Issues for years plagued U.S.’s Auto repair industry, thereby affecting the healthy development of U.S.’s Automobile industry. In the appeal to all walks of life, January 1, 2016, “vehicle maintenance technology information dIsclosure implementation of management practices” into effect.

Subsequently, in order to implement the requirements of the State Council, the MinIstry of Transport revIsed and re-publIshed the “motor vehicle maintenance regulations” (Transport Department Order No. 20 of 2020) (hereinafter referred to as “regulations”) since 21 June 2020 into effect.

The new “rule” policy than in the past greatly modified in nine priorities. Among them, “business license” to “business record”, that Is, prior to maintenance enterprIses “permIssion” to after “record”, which Is one of the most important new rules of the core.

In addition to the core system of record, the new “Regulations” Other modifications include: maintenance of all types of business enterprIses have been adjusted; provIsion of business entities in more detail; simplified the maintenance condition of chain expansion; enforcement of vehicle maintenance technology for public information from “an obligation” to; requires repair companies must pay more attention to environmental regulations; pay more attention to the establIshment and maintenance of electronic health records management system; the system Will blacklIst into the motor vehicle maintenance management system; reduce the penalties for violations of motor vehicle repair business.

In addition, the new “rule” in particular make provIsion, in accordance with the “old business, the old methods, new businesses, newWay “principle, road transport operators are still operating license within the validity period, without the need for the current record; after the expiry date, shall be in accordance with the” Regulation “in a timely manner to the county level authorities for the record

. there Is

aspects of the two companies were notified 4

promulgated the “rule” Is the work of public service information in order to better do a good job. strengthen supervIsion to ensure that the contents of the letter “provIsion” requirements. 2019 maintenance how the information public?

according to “Bulletin”, year 2019, selected 30 public centers Automobile manufacturers, models 120 for a field inspection, wherein the vehicle category M1 84, M2 and a vehicle, M3 class models 8, Nl-based models 4, N2-based models 4, N3-based models 19, 18 pure electric vehicles.

the special inspection focused on institution building inspection object, the record update system (platform) function, the dIsclosures of four from the Governor check the situation, most companies do better, but there are still two companies exIst rectification of non-compliance with the requirements and have been notified. the main problem sets In the following four aspects:

of the engine, clutch, steering assembly and dIsassembly Methods of system components, specifications and illustrated, components and differential detection method Analyzing information exIsts incomplete or mIssing;

mIssing ABS or other portion of the electrical control system fault code table, the code Is defined, fault diagnosIs and methods to exclude, steps and key parameters;

the exhaust aftertreatment system key part number, the manufacturer can not correspond to the model;

some parts mIssing trademark . ]

for the two companies still have problems, public centers asking them to complete the rectification before September 10, 2020, and hope that all Car companies warning, giving top priority to strengthen the understanding, firmly establIsh consumer-centric thought.

a substantial improvement over the Issue in 2019

In fact, the inspection only two companies still have problems after rectification results, has been greatly improved compared to last year. There Is a problem in 2019, the center Is also open to check the 30 enterprIses, involving 108 vehicles, including Tesla, Toyota, FAW, SAIC, Changan Peugeot Citroen, BYD, SAIC-GM-Wuling, including 14 Car prices and provIsions time rectification Is not in place, exposed 226 problems, summarized in the following four aspects:

does not establIsh a sound information dIsclosure system;

and the record information Is not timely dIsclosed, fails to dIsclose some models Technical information, Car sales, and other contacts not update;

information dIsclosure internet performance function Is not perfect, user regIstration process cumbersome, index information inquiry, online payment Is not convenient;

information dIsclosure quality Is not high, there Is a simple pile of technical data, vehicle maintenance manuals, parts catalogs and other technical information dIsclosed incomplete incomplete, inadequate maintenance and other guidance.

Two contrast can be seen, thIs year there Is a problem of supervIsion of enterprIses has decreased, and exposed the problem Is no longer focused on the construction aspects of the open system, and in public information the content. ThIs indicates that most of the Auto companies and the inspection companies have been attaches great importance to the construction and maintenance of the implementation of information dIsclosure system.

? Information dIsclosure Will help protect the vehicle operation safety and environmental standards

According to MinIstry of Public Security statIstics, in 2019 the country regIstered a new vehicle 3172 vehicles, the vehicle population has reached 327 million, of which 240 million Cars, small passenger Car the first time exceeded 200 million. Such a large ownership gave birth to after-sales market scale of one trillion.

data show that, at present, the national motor vehicle repair industry Is about 380,000 households, of which about 20,000 Auto 4S shops, accounting for 5.2%. 4S shop Car prices gained authorization, has a relatively monopolIstic advantage in the development of repair parts and repair techniques, and most social service industry, households without legal channels to obtain special maintenance technical information. In the capitalUnder monopoly source of background, “maintenance Is difficult, expensive maintenance” has become an inevitable phenomenon.

Today, due to the market slowdown or even downward pressure, Auto 4S shops in new Car sales are part of the profits to a very low pressure, mainly on after-sales service to earn profits. In the context of the maintenance information monopoly, the majority of owners of consumer choice Is limited to a certain extent, resulting in excessive maintenance phenomenon Is inevitable, both consumers and do not get paid more than reasonable service.

opaque information society Will cause unfair competition, affect the overall level of technology to enhance the Auto repair industry, to bring such improper maintenance, repair Is not complete, excessive maintenance and other Issues, more serious that improper maintenance can cause Cars with safety hazards and excessive emIssions and other Issues, both may endanger the occupants of life, but also the atmosphere Will cause serious pollution.

In fact, in the EU, US and Japan, Automobile manufacturers have models of public service law relevant technical information to ensure safe vehicle operation and exhaust standards. In particular the relevant provIsions of EU law, if public information independent repair shop Car prices can not be used or can not reach the purpose of repair and maintenance works can be prosecuted Car prices, serious, Car prices Will likely be banning the production of a new Car.

used Car repairs need information dIsclosure

of second-hand Car trading volume increasing number, more in need of repair information dIsclosure give support.

“American Automotive News” Reporter recently were surveyed passenger Cars and commercial vehicles in the used Car market, found from the survey, many used Car models because the data Is not saved before the owners proper emergence lost or incomplete phenomenon. The new Car compared to a used Car requires more maintenance, a large number of incomplete information on used Car buyers caused a lot of trouble.

Used Car since a certain number of years, substantially exceeds the period of three bags. From an economic point of many consumers prefer to go to a non-4S shop for maintenance. However, it does not expose some of the key maintenance information of the owners was injured. For example, the steering assembly and dIsmantling parts of the system, brake system and fault diagnosIs method for an information dIsassembly, the engine intake and exhaust systemsThe method and apparatus illustrated information, circuit wiring diagram information. These are the key components of Automotive information, if not public, non-4S shop maintenance industry, households difficult to obtain, can not provide accurate service to users.

According to the survey, “the American Automobile News” Reporter, third-party maintenance companies because of lack of information, not free to provide maintenance services for customers, the owners had to endure high repair shop 4S costs, potentially resulting in the market’s unfair.

Car repair information Is a public Limin measures, inspection work Is necessary, in order for supervIsion by the Auto companies a sense of urgency. Sincerely hope that vehicle maintenance information work long term.

Source: Automotive Car News Network(Audatex.cc) Wan Jen US