2019 auto parts than the whole data release, which car you finally know the possessor

yesterday, the American Insurance Association released a survey data than the entire Auto zero, that Is, from the perspective of keeping a Car and repair, compared the level of the mainstream market, the cost of 100 Car models, to be a consumer buy a Car reference. Because the insurance industry associations involved in Car accidents frequently to assess the damage, the database has a variety of models, prices of spare parts doors clear, and often dominated by a class or 4S shop price, so thIs whole greater than zero data accuracy. Data show that from last year to thIs year, even though prices steady trend lower, but maintenance prices are rIsing, the overall index rose 3.4%, a lot of Car repair depot Is becoming the main means to make money.

GCL released a total zero-stoichiometric coefficient, headlamps and rear bumper integral one-piece co-zero coefficient data comparIson, three coefficients of painting work from thIs horizontal comparIson in three areas, we would be able to see the various brands, as well as differences in the various models of spare parts and maintenance man, so a taste of what Is to afford not afford to repair or buy the inexpensive repair the It does not cost a different realm.

First look than zero integer coefficients. In short, the whole than zero coefficient Is a Car after the break up, the total price of all single-piece parts, divided by the price of the vehicle, the higher the coefficient, the higher the profits parts. For example, Paul Association data show that up to 100 mainstream Car zero coefficient than the entire Car Is a Benz C2.0T Sport, zero-stoichiometric coefficients Is 835.29%, that Is to say, the Car market Is the guide price 474 800, sell it after the whole Car dIsmantled parts, can be sold for 3.966 million yuan(CNY)(CNY), the popular thing to understand Is that each part turned 8.35 times. The same level, the BMW 3 Series was 559.27%, the Lexus ES was 594.6%, more surprIsing Is the Volvo S60L actually has 625.12 percent, Volvo seems to sell Cars from the sale prices make it back.

Table look at more data, then interpretation.

GCL index publIshed by the burden can be understood as damage to the high level of component repair costs, see Benz C remains the highest, meaning you keep a Benz C when the need to prepare than the BMW and Lexus 3 ES more maintenance funds. Maintenance index Is well understood, the level of spending Is routine maintenance, can be seen from the table, the Lexus ES maintain the most money, the most expensive price Is still Benz C.

Let’s look at the data in the following table class Cars

zero integer aspect ratio , Accord, Camry, Mondeo and Volkswagen CC Is at a basic level, Is relatively high, and the whole Is zero Kia K5 than the lowest. Look burden index, Buick Regal and Toyota Camry lowest, indicating that these two Cars easily broken parts price Is not high, but the public campaign often bad parts costs than Regal and Camry higher than about 30%, of which the Accord perIshable parts the price Is the highest. The maintenance index, the Camry and Teana most money, Mai Rui Bao Regal and the US Department of Ashkenazi and CC, from the best at making money in maintenance costs.

Let’s look compact SUV data in the following table

Compact joint thIs region SUV, JEEP free light and Honda CR-V zero whole Is relatively high, at around 350%, it Is the most modern ix35, only 170.94 percent, equivalent to half the former price; the burden of indices, Is still free light, CR-V Volkswagen Tiguan plus lead, that Is perIshable parts prices are not low, and generally higher than the high-class Cars maintenance index, raIsing a SUV seems a little expensive than the high-class Cars; maintenance index, the most save money Honda CR-V, Volkswagen Tiguan Is the most expensive maintenance, repair and Hyundai ix35 most economical, maintenance does not save money.

Let’s look at some of its own brand models,

released its own brand of Car data Is relatively small, so I took the Car and SUV together. See, its own brand of zero-stoichiometric coefficients generally still low. But on the uneven burden index, more accidents, and Ai Ruize 5 BYD F3 Car repair more expensive, the cheapest Is Hover H6, as the holdings of the largest SUV it expected. Maintenance, Harvard and Geely also charge relatively low, maintenance Is more expensive GS Chi Chuan4 and Chang’an CS75, overall, the best there Is to see a variety of data or Hover H6.

we look at the headlights and rear bumper than the price of a single piece of whole zero. I.e. with a single headlight 4S shop price divided by the price of the vehicle, the headlight Is obtained in one piece than zero integer; Similarly, the rear bumper Is divided by the integer zero after vehicle bumper price price, because of the large data we just take the head and tail of several Cars dIsplayed.

headlamps on the price difference Is too poor, expensive Audi A4L, single headlight nearly 34,000 yuan, a pair of headlights 68,000 yuan, quite at prices one-fifth. Secondly, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus headlight Is quite expensive, a pair of headlights accounted for 13% of the basic price of the Car. Headlight cheapest to the number of Toyota series, regardless of the Highlander, Camry still cause dazzle, including RA4, the prices are only about 0.7%. I was not thinking SAIC Roewe RX5 headlights quite expensive, a pair of headlights over 10,000 yuan, relatively low prices for it does not.

Finally, GCL announced part of painting work index, equivalent to spend the same time, the same size area of ​​the body spray paint, someone charge the most expensive? See the following table:

In fact, the above index can be understood as the number of man-hours and costs a painting, you can see luxury brands and general brand difference Is still quite large, basic on about three times, painting fee Is cheap New York Toyota and Dongfeng Yueda Kia brand. Overall, Mercedes-Benz, then buy the appropriate spare parts and maintenance costs are also high, and Mercedes-Benz are occupied in recent years has been the highest ratio of zero the entire brand, Audi’s headlights quite expensive, open Audi, then pay attention to protecting the headlights, BMW actually not so early in conservation. Ordinary brand, then, Toyota Camry and Hyundai Kia cost of keeping a Car Is relatively low, the cost of keeping a Car Ashkenazi slightly higher than the US Department. We usually have zero than the entire column, thIs result did not exceed our expectations.