2019 auto mechanics simulation warehouse to warehouse method describes how to unlock

Car mechanics simulation how to unlock the 2019 warehouse:

After a first teaching off (go directly to the gate drive to the test track lap, come back, too tutorial)

Right, orders, upgrades (I probably rIse to about 8 before going to)

then the door, you Will find a map warehouse can be selected directly point.

after coming home Will find it Car Is not open.

the reason Is mIssing about 5 parts, so I suggest that you put it demolIshed the entire engine transmIssion, anyway, I was removed along with the vehicle, scratch

fight slowly, encountered mIssing piece can be found, thIs save time only. (I tried to split in half and then assembled, but it finally found was a small part, the result of re-split once or again and again) so the vehicle demolition Is the best, I figure Is that the demolition of empty · ·

Finally, how to prove the success of assembled Car of it,

to drive to the track, (not all words can not open here)

then drove to the parking field collection


or more Is to share with you, I wIsh a happy game!