200,000 Mazda E Tezi floor, the owner said: there are two very dIssatIsfied

A Tezi generation Mazda 6 Car, the more common color Is “red soul move” by the young owners sought. There was around 25-year-old friend, last month to start up thIs blue sky 2.0L Deluxe Edition Ate Zi, floor price of about 200,000, according to hIs own: bare Car price 178,000, 15,400 purchase tax, insurance five thousand many other small costs about two thousand, 4S shop only to send a set of film.

From the point of view of overall sales Ate Zi, which for months has been low, can not tell Magotan, comparable to the Accord, only three or four monthly sales thousand units, mainly due to cash a sense of science and technology Is not high, the output power Is relatively weak, while the new E Tezi already launched overseas, a lot of fans are waiting for the next generation of turbocharged models.

and now Honda Accord turbo models have been launched, such as the Mazda adhere naturally aspirated engine Car prices Is really running out. Deluxe Edition belonging to thIs sky views low allocation models, from the appearance point of view Is not much different with high with, headlamps are LED light sources, the matching of the hub wheel Is 225/55 R17, with the intake grill are around fog a layer of chrome trim, the front face Is atmospheric.

The Car now has only held more than five hundred kilometers, the owner said: new Car good in all aspects, that Is, there are two very satIsfaction, a engine Is too loud, a lot of people say there Is a cold start noIse, late enough, can thIs Car at high torque Is relatively sound, noIse may be due to already poor. Another work Car Is very cheap, not like a two hundred thousand joint venture vehicle, basically a plastic plate. These two words each Car Is basically a common problem.

to experience a bit thIs Ate Zi Deluxe Edition, door armrests Location cortex package, the whole work Is not really fine, as well as breaking force creak sound, two vertical panels are plastic material, feel very general.

Is a tricyclic vehicle dashboard, a top speed of 260km / h, a small piece of the right dIsplay driving, not how novice Car, month it opened more than five hundred kilometers.

taking the time to test drive a bit when Ate Zi, 2.0L dIsplacement slightly less, 6AT gearbox tuned well, front-drive also has a very precIse manipulation, no wonder we all like to do Ate Zi comparIson with the BMW three lines, in addition to power Is not a level, a sense of really great driving experience.

in the control Car thIs general feeling, the key Is not fine with knobs, 7-inch dIsplay Is not large, the original standard GPS navigation, Bluetooth connection with the Car phone Internet networking and other functions, a slight lack of scientific and technological sense.

Car seats are leather material, only the main power seat driving only, but also embarrassing copilot manual adjustment.

rear seat space Is good, you can recline, the comfort level with the Accord magotan are similar.

A Tezi Deluxe Edition principal configuration has a tire pressure monitoring means, front and rear, the engine start-stop technique, cruIse control, power sunroof, a key to start , and anti-glare rearview mirror heating.

The power output from thIs 2.0 dIsplacement naturally aspirated engine, the maximum horsepower 158, the maximum torque of 202 Nm. Mazda Is the most famous SkyActiv, fuel-efficient ability to see, when measured one hundred kilometers in about 7.5, but the sound Is really great start in the cold.

A Tezi front end Is very personal, can rear design Is really a bit stingy, like Mazda’s overall design, a good place Is very good, poor very poor place, a little sword easy road attitude, according to a comprehensive cost-effective in terms of Ate Zi Is still very good.