200,000 km of old BMW 5 Series large maintenance, repair master: simply burning money

A few months ago, the factory to the BMW 5-series Cars are old models, although the Car has been repaired for a long time, but helpless in the repair process, and still remember.

the owner Is a woman, the owner had said in describing the Car can smell a very strong smell of oil, oil Is the exact Issued after high temperature taste; and thIs exception, the Car just the beginning; after extensive inspection and maintenance of the master, found that in addition to the appearance of the Car can be accepted, and the engine and chassIs parts have been bad enough; in other words, if the all the Car repaired, it Is simply burning money.

on The picture shows the BMW 5 Series, once can be called one of the best luxury Car; and as the years went on, science and technology continue to progress and development “luxury Cars” word in the river of time has been washed away, leaving only the classic shape and dilapidated “heart.”

After inspection and maintenance of the master, sitting in the Car found abnormal smell, with four engine oil have great relationship; seal needs to be replaced several gaskets in order to ease the situation of the oil spill, but accessories need to order, so the Car to stay in our factory.

In determining an unusual odor comes from the engine oil leakage, repair the master and for the Car to conduct a comprehensive inspection; which found that abnormal engine work, some may It was vIsually observed to jitter; As for the jitter, the lack of cylinder mIsfire with very similar, then the master 431 by scanning the diagnostic trouble code look there; do not know do not scan, a scan surprIsed, almost all over the entire screen Is a fault code; What air pressure failure, the mixture too thick so on a series of all appearance, the most notable failure code Is 6-cylinder mIsfire; Sure, determine maintenance master Is correct, the engine shake does have a relationship with the mIssing cylinder. But the strange thing Is that the Car has traveled nearly 200,000 kilometers, the owner found no engine shake it? Or you have become accustomed? I do not know, we do not dare to ask!

us to check out the situation to the owner, the owner said: the Car Is too old,No need to spend too much money to repair, as long as the oil taste resolved without affecting the other Is not running repairs. And finally he asked the one: try to repair costs within 2000.

To be honest, in terms of the budget of the owner, Is very challenging, because a little change some parts Will far exceed the budget. Complain go complain, since the owners have decided to overhaul Is not necessary, we also try to influence driving problem Is solved. First, solve the problem Is the lack of engine cylinder; after seeing engine maintenance master smiled, thIs can really be a joke, turned out to be a six-cylinder innermost side of the fire, although the space Is too small six-cylinder, spark plugs and ignition coils are not very good split, but finally bite the bullet and split down.

looking at the split down the spark plug maintenance of the master, and some do not know Why; from the inner circle can be seen in FIG spark plug ignition head has been completely submerged Carbon ; in addition, the above spark plug Is full of strong gasoline, which also has not explained spark plug ignition; after checking the cause of the ignition coil does not preclude ignition of the spark plug with the spark plug maintenance of the master cylinder in front of several exchange a bit and found Fengyun spark plug mounted on the cylinder that Is not firing cylinder, which indicates that the reason lies in the Fengyun spark plug.

can not only replace the spark plug to solve the problem of lack of cylinder; the picture shows the new BMW factory spark plug.

After the removed spark plug, the spark plug looked to the bucket, you can see a large accumulation of Carbon deposits on the pIston; for thIs old Car to remove Carbon deposits, with the maintenance of the master’s words, it Is simply burning money.

After solving the problem of shortage of the cylinder, maintenance master engine start problem of oil leakage; examination revealed after the engine valve chamber cover , oil pan, front and rear crankshaft oil permeability so many, but the most serious Is the valve operating chamber cover and the oil pan; can be seen from the figure, the lower lid of the valve chamber manifold Is convenient, from the oil FIG valve chamber cover exudation, seeping oil droplets in the high temperature exhaust manifoldOn which it appeared before the taste of the owners described; so the valve chamber cover oil leakage must be resolved.

on the

The picture shows the valve chamber Is removed after the cover state of the engine, can be seen from the figure, the valve mechanIsm Is very clean almost no sludge appears, thIs Is because the owners Care okay?

When the master maintenance turn valve chamber cover, can be seen from the figure circle appeared thick covered the valve chamber thick layer of sludge; see a lot of sludge appeared in the valve chamber cover, which basically can be ruled out good owners of thIs argument maintenance.

permeability valve chamber cover, valve chamber cover pad mostly due to aging; can be seen from the circled, the valve chamber cover pad has been replaced once; master speculation, the last time in order to replace the valve chamber cover pad better sealing effect, also painted a thick layer of glue; but unfortunately did not play any role. Where

For the plastic material of the valve operating chamber cover mounted above the high thermal efficiency of the engine, a long time Will appear more or less oil leakage . Although the situation can not replace the valve chamber cover pad stop the oil leakage, but as a way to reduce the amount of oil leakage Is not whom, the picture shows the new valve chamber cover.

Finally, it Is solved sump oil leakage from the inner circle can be seen in FIG sump oil leakage amount Is also great; permeability for a long time Will inevitably lead to a lack of oil, in order to reduce the occurrence of thIs situation it Is necessary to replace the oil pan gasket, of course, within the budget of the owner.

can be seen from the figure the inner circle need to tear down half oil pan removed gold beam, thereby releasing Removing the oil sump space.

The picture shows a state has been pulled sump on.

need to replace the image above the oil pan gaskets, oil pan gaskets removed from view, seemingly has not been replaced.

The picture shows the removed oil pan, an oil pan removed from the point of view, mainly in the sludge drain screw around, not a lot.

The picture shows the new oil pan gasket


After the completion of the replacement valve chamber cover pad and the oil pan gaskets, repair and replacement of the master chassIs above several important ball; all parts after all a good replacement, eventually beyond the owners of the original budget.

to take thIs case, small Min suggest that the faithful Car, when the Car was found a problem, try to solve timely maintenance, when an abnormal situation too much piled up service, you Will find repair burn up just like the same.