200,000 km of old BMW 5 Series large maintenance, repair master: simply burning money!

We are all familiar with BMW’s luxury Car brand, and there Is some time ago in a friends with me Tucao it to hIs BMW Car maintenance thing, the whole trip talking about how it Routeng, because it pen maintenance really Is not the average person could afford, with the maintenance of the master’s words, “it Is in the burn!”, in the end are so costly to repair what it in? Or take a specific look at it!

The Car Is BMW riders of the old section of the BMW 5 Series, ran about 20 million kilometers, when he was feeling the Car has a very strong oil taste, he felt rather strange, drove allow maintenance of the master to help him check and repair the master inspection found a circle, thIs old BMW 5 Series, in addition to appearance can see, there have been bad enough, meaning that to repair the Car, maintenance costs can be imagined, just like burning money!

the Car has a very strong flavor oil, which can not get away with the engine, and there Is also a very serious leakage problems, the need for gasket in order to alleviate thIs problem, in addition to repair the master also found that there are abnormal engine jitter, maintenance instructors found with 431 scanning in the diagnosIs, thIs Car’s problem people are shocked, mixture Is too thick, the intake pressure a lot of failures and other problems, most people pay attention to Is its six-cylinder mIsfire, and the owners have opened up almost 200,000 kilometers actually have not found it? Or they found it and let it go?

to repair the master after the BMW Car owners said, the owners are really big heart, said, “ThIs Car Is too old, I do not want to spend so much money to repair, as long as the oil taste resolve not affect our Car on the line, maintenance costs in 2000 like “the cost to repair it, to be honest, it Is very difficult coefficient, the first BMW Car maintenance costs than the ordinary Car itself expensive, followed by the Car’s problem Is not in the two thousand, but to see him or maintenance of the master repair;

had a lot Kung Fu finally spark plugs and ignition coils to be removed after the maintenance of the master helpless, because the spark plug firing head completely covered with soot, spark plug also redolent of gasoline, you can guess that there has been no ignition spark plug, it mustFirst to replace a spark plug, followed by a large number of coke problem, thIs old Car to clean up Carbon deposits, then Is not an ordinary hard; after completing solve mIssing cylinder, maintenance instructors focus on checking the engine oil leakage problems it found that the engine valve chamber cover , oil pan, front and rear crankshaft oil seal oil leakage and other places children are there, so these are the need to clean up the replacement, maintenance and other after a series of master all cleaned up, the budget has already exceeded 2000, but helpless, or want to change thIs was also the owner of the BMW maintenance master “training a” meal;

mainly because thIs BMW owners really too lazy to start a Car when there Is a small problem, not solve, and now the accumulation of small problems become big problems, too lazy to repair, so we drove the road Is very serviceable, so when you find a problem when the Car got the idea should, in time to solve, do not wait piled together, to repair burn just as dIstressed as go! I do not know you are not the same as the BMW owners like accumulation problem? Maintenance Is important Is their safety important? (Photos from the network, if infringement please contact deleted)