19 service vehicles became awesome cars, and really good

19 service vehicles became awesome Cars, and really good

Is a work horse vehicle service road. They offer e-mail, towing wrecked Car, put out the fire, Carrying Cargo, and generally maintain the world’s daily operations. Although they have been configured for their work, but they all have some common features. They must be able to withstand everyday use, they must be reliable enough to work with minimal maintenance. They must also be affordable to be able to purchase a sufficient number of them to complete the work. When the service time of these vehicles, they are usually sold at auction or remaining fairly cheap price. Hot Rod began on cheap surplus vehicles. Teen hardly buy any old pre-war Cars, and in which the assembly of a large modern V8. Naturally, some of these strong staff Will find their way into the hands of hot rods, they are eager to get a cheap base Car and turn it into a cool thing. Sometimes it’s just to show, sometimes they are lightweight platform for hot rods, sometimes it’s just a chance to do different things. On the local Auto show, it Is difficult to stand out in the same muscle Cars and T-Buckets ocean, but when you show a modified Divco milk truck, which Will cause some attention. There are 20 service vehicles to be retired at the hot rod.


iconic Checker Taxi company has a first-tier suppliers throughout the country taxi The company manufactures Cars. These Cars both durable and reliable, and unique, making them the most popular models. They and the famous London taxi as iconic and recognizable character. Checker Marathon United States immediately recognized as a taxi. The company from 1922 to 1982, production of Cars, Checker itself dIscontinued in 2010. Usually equipped with a bulletproof Saturday, the putter has been placed in a blown V8 engine and rear tracks widened to make thIs Car a taxi cooler.

1968 Chevrolet C20 multifunction trucks

in 1968 and put into use for the C20 Arizona Angelino sheet metal company, and became the town’s main products. When the original owner died, the truck up for sale, a local hot rod bought a truck others do not seem to want. Angelino for trucks with great Care, making it ideal for mild custom work. The new boss Sam Castranova told Hot Rod magazine, “When I saw it, I was color, condition and price to attract, as well as the fact that I saw a truck for many years from far away. When I opened the glove box and suddenly see to build paperwork board, original Car safe house receipts, I was taken aback. “keeping paint and interior almost identical Castranova let the truck slows down new wheels and improved engine.

1941 Chevrolet bus

If we take the bus looks like thIs, going to school may not be a drag. CurtIs Ost for years been making hot rod, when hIs wife own a requirement. As an elite truck driver, her work on the popular version on the lIst. It turns out that her friend had just picked up a Car as the bus again to life. Most of the outer member must be manufactured from other vehicles or in some way. They did not go to smoking the tires, but the truck Is equipped with traction and reliability. Oster told the truck trend, “we speed on the highway more than 20 miles / gallon, but we can also use the trailer the trailer. I’ve done Cummins exchange, which Is the most significant for thIs version Is. I actually used axle rear suspension and I bought the engine with a truck. “

hot rod hearse

hearse Is a special class of service vehicles. At one time, they often start the conversion are shared with the ambulance before these purposes a platform truck. Retired hearse has become a particular favorite brand of hot rods for some time. Gothic bands and dark themes lever to use them as a flagship. And even save the hearse Car club. The hearse before the war has been chopped and guidance, to create for the last ride for all of usA lower narrower appearance.


Service vehicle sometimes do not require a whole hot rod. At the end of the Second World War, many of the remaining military equipment are sold or thrown away as waste. Hot Rod Is filled desert, dry lake beds and abandoned airport, to test their creation rate. Looking perfect aerodynamic and lightweight bonding, thermal bar for use on steering abdominal P-48 Lightning tank drops, widening its scope. ThIs legendary model debuted in 1948, teardrop shape Is ideal for land speed run. With flathead V8 normally aspirated, it creates a record of 198.34 mph, it Is still the case.

DIVCO milk truck

Milk used to be a regular thing to the house. The company manufacturing the multi-speed trucks, industrial vehicles Detroit company or Divco become synonymous with milk delivery. Fruity nose evokes Chrysler Airflow and delivery tall body, cut a dIstinctive figure. Hot rolling mill have been attracted to the strange minivan, so that they become their stores or other companies trucks and billboards. Phoenix Insurance produced the show has won a number of architectural awards in the custom program. They remain very close to the stock’s appearance, posture and reduced powertrain upgrades.


for a more fundamental customized Divco, thIs Is from the House of Kolor thIs custom work. Aggressive paint job from a forgotten delivery concept map. House of Craig Robatzek Kolor paint job tells the story of the Rod Authority, “I was at the store [Kolor founder of the House] Jon Kosmoski Is, there Is a panel of hot rod truck artIsts Dave Bell completed hIs sidingThIs photo Is a Cartoon rendering. I asked what the story behind Jon yes. He told me that in 1968 Daifubeier do rendering and handed it to him. Jon thought it was cool, they speak, a bit like a joke to say about that one day Will do a real vehicle based on the photograph of the Card. “It’s not just paint, thIs Car Is also equipped with a milk 6.2 l LS engine, and equipped on the air suspension system. Indeed constructed so cool!

before the Fed Slam delivery trucks

FedEx legend at thIs point Is well known for decades, the ubiquitous white truck has been provided wrapping. they are a retired truck hot rod Cars get treated just a matter of time. thIs Is caused by Mobsteel found on the 2013 SEMA Show. on a custom chassIs, which has been hit the ground. semi-integrated into the panel to deliver solid brick exterior makes thIs difficult imagine what it can actually scroll.

1938 Ford COE and Sparta Customs House

as long as there Is appropriate they Carry road system, has been in the Carriage of goods by truck. road camper has been almost .Elwoods Garage Will put these two things an incredible custom in .COE or Cab Over Engine actually consIsts of three different trucks composition, these trucks with a shortened and custom sleeper bed together form To occupy the fifth wheel trailer pulled Spartan ChassIs from a third service vehicles, a Car panel. Under normal circumstances, the body trucks bar can be chopped and channels in rat style, but thIs clean look campers come to the fore. thIs Is definitely a hot topic at the RV park pull up.

“fearless boogie” mouse stem trailer

no one was glad to see a trailer. the trailer Is a harbinger of doom, has become the key Car trouble. you’re not on their own home. no matter how professional or driver-friendly, difficult to be seen as Automobile death anything .Joel McKinley outside the trailer with hIs rat rod Fearless Boogie accepted the image, describe it as DieselArmy.com, “Basically, if he had a trailer, what Will drive the devil.” McKinley working in a fitness store, just like the mouse stick. ThIs Is a residual bit by truck and military leftovers shifter comprIses a bayonet hotchpotch patchwork.

1947DIAMONDT fire

Is a customized hard-truck vehicles, are both large and heavy, in addition to fire fighting and rolling in the parade outside, it Is difficult to find their second goal. Barnfinds.com noticed thIs Car Diamond T fire truck Is actually two different utility vehicle combined manufacturing pole truck. The following Is a fire in the vehicle body frame of a dump truck, it has a low profile. Retired fire truck parade Is usually relegated to the task, but thIs reduction and moderate customization makes the local July 4 parade cooler.

jeep flat bar

Like any thing have exIsted for some time, as many variations hot rod. Aeruginosa feedstock with hot rods and panels are mIsmatched “mouse stick”, Volkswagen has been removed and a fender front axle thereof Is referred to as extending “Volksrods”. Some manufacturers have reduced the flat fender jeep on a chassIs extending, shortening the body are called “flat rod.” Served in three wars in the brave military jeep he has found a new life as a niche hotrod. Roadkill assembled in a dubious way to do a self-driving tour, they sold for a bar tab.

1949 Ford F-9 school bus “shortcut High”

ThIs radical school bus customized to support stay in school, magic multi-state bus tour. It has been demonstrated in two separate SEMA programs and some televIsion programs. All blower for dIsplay, but not the bulk of the engine. The Ford bus to get radical cut appearance, make it even more embarrassing, but if the ride looks so much, it Is well worth it. Frame from ElDorado, chunks of power from 403 Oldsmobile V8. Air ride the bus ride to school seven passengers.


Not all Divco milk truck, also have thIs strange and fascinating truck used bakery delivery. Culver City for the coach Helms bakery built, they become a symbol of Southern California, its unique “tweet tweet” corner at the top. Given the rarity of these iconic van and trucks, most of the survivors are well preserved, as they bring fresh cookies and donuts to the residents of Los Angeles the same. The custom of Carrying down and air suspension. ThIs Is not the people at the show Will see a dozen times.


From 1955 to 1983, the brave Jeep DJ DIspatcher postman Mao Zhaoyu, sleet or dark of night to send messages to Americans across the country chariot. Jim Stewart, the postman was hIs own mother, with her mail van. He grew imagine it Is a hot rod, when hIs mother and retired truck, he got the chance. A custom-made frame, a simple four-cylinder engine was replaced by a 383 impactor, mail compartment gave way to a custom stereo.

CHOPT London taxi

If there Is more recognizable than the Checker Marathon taxi, it Is a sign of London taxi. ThIs particular iteration London taxi Is FX4, it Is foreseeable that Austin FX3 alternatives. London taxi Is to build a transaction, chassIs and body manufacturing alone, so that the body modification easier. The London iconic hot rod owner installed a Rover V8, and the Car on airbags to reduce posture. Wheel wells have been widened to accommodate the torque – thrust wheel. A particularly nice touch, “in use”Shade has been used as the hood scoop. ThIs makes stiff upper lip to a new level.

Mercedes-Benz blue miracle

sometimes service vehicles began life as a hot rod. Mercedes-Benz Blue miracle Is the case. Manufacturing was not satIsfied with one of the fastest Cars (arguably was one of the most beautiful Cars) Mercedes want to use the world’s fastest Car truck appeared on the track. To do thIs, they created thIs low and stylIsh machine, and then in 1955 300sl racing Car engine stuffed them. Regardless borrowed from another Car totes what are customized Mercedes-Benz style appeared, until after the 24 Hours of Le Mans fatal crashes occur out of the race. For reasons we Will never understand, the original Blue Wonder was abandoned in 1967, but Mercedes finally saw the error of their ways, and their 75 anniversary re-create one.


on the subject of customized vehicles, there Is a rare sCarab racing truck. SCarab Initially, a US manufacturer of specialty basically a group of American mechanic, racing chassIs combines European, American V8 engine and smooth fiberglass body. By 1960, SCarab has become a Car manufacturer defeated, and prove that they decided to make the US team had not done, to win the F1 race. They used Offenhauser engine, which Is the work horse of American oval racing, and Formula One engines built before a competitor. The only problem Is a front-engine F1 time has been completed. Customized Car transporter cooperation with Fiat leased to the lotus, and then Shelby, and then retired to the desert waiting for repair, eventually happened. Now we can see all of its blue glory.

AA-1931 dump truck

for a hot rod project, no more than in the dump truck producing better example hot rodA. The platform may be considered the original main models, Ford AA models. Replace TT, trucks and utility platforms form the basIs for the US heavy truck demand. ThIs includes the old dump truck. The hot rod custom all conventional dump truck Is obtained Is widened to accommodate modern tire running board and includes a customization puzzling chrome bumper. I can not tell what it Is, but it does stand out. The actual dIscharge assembly does not seem to time, it seems to be the entire truck by AA type looks like a modern rig. All in all, it seems to be well put to use, but if it does it’s the best ride in the dump.