160,000 km BMW for owners sigh, released two liters gearbox oil, new entrants to 7 liters Is enough!

Under normal circumstances, whether the engine or transmIssion, they all require lubricating oil to lubricate the job. And the amount of lubricating oil are prescribed they need, more or less Is not good, can lead to serious damage to the engine or gearbox!

A few days ago, a BMW repair shop to repair its transmIssion sump gearbox oil leak. Master further examination found that the cause of the gearbox oil sump Is a problem, need to replace the oil pan. BMW owner’s consent, the master began to dIsmantle the oil pan!

either engine or transmIssion, before the demolition of the old oil sump need to first put out the job. However, the master only released 2 l transmIssion oil, the normal amount of oil to put at least six liters job! ThIs shows that the gearbox has been running for some time in a state of insufficient fuel, the owner sigh: TransmIssion problems Will emerge? As shown in the figure below, kilometers traveled over 160,000 kilometers.

FIG under the transmIssion oil pan removed to master. The reason Is that the gearbox oil sump been cut rub, slight oil leakage. Master said it Is a plastic material, the problem of oil spill occurs, only the replacement of a new oil pan for the job. As shown in

FIG lower, to master with bucket accommodating the old transmIssion fluid, only a little more than 2 liters! The owner said he mileage Is about 80,000 km, who changed the gearbox oil, thIs just need an oil change. At thIs time, BMW owners are most worried about Is: the gearbox after running short of oil under the state, there Is no problem?

Master allows owners to worry about, since the metal debrIs Is substantially free of transmIssion oil pan, and transmIssion valve plate Is very clean, the gearbox described It has not been very serious damage. Only the new oil pan Is installed, and refueling test to determine the gearbox there Is no problem. The arrow shown in FIG., Which Is the case of the transmIssion of the valve plate, very clean.

FIG lower, which Is a new sump. Master introduced, which overflow pipe Is called the root canal, that Is, the amount of action Is appropriate to check the transmIssion oil shown in the green region. It has a screen mounted below, the aimTransmIssion oil filter, the filter edge adhered to the sump.

When the master pan installed, you need to add a transmIssion fluid. Master introduced, when thIs ZF gearbox oil change the way gravity oil change, it takes about six liters, due to the gearbox before more less oil, need to be a little. The arrows shown in FIG, 7 liters ZF transmIssion for oil.

FIG indicated by an arrow, the master Is to use the tool to add gearbox oil, high-pressure air into the hydraulic pressure to make the transmIssion gearbox .

When the master transmIssion after seven liters of oil added to the lIst, start the engine, gearbox and a gear change twice, so that the shift transmIssion oil box full flow. Then, remove the overflow pipe outside the master checks the screws, to check the amount of the transmIssion oil, a small portion out of the gearbox oil, transmIssion oil description has been added enough! Finally, the master driving test, addition and subtraction files are no problem, no problem with the gearbox explain, under which the owner completely at ease!