150,000 km BMW X5, used car sold 180,000, more powerful than the Audi burning oil

BMW X5 has been very popular in the luxury SUV, the sales volume now Is far more to throw off the Mercedes-Benz GLE with the Audi Q7, a dominant bit mean. Many people’s first impression of the BMW X5 Is the hardcore atmosphere, yet mature sports Car style, driving smoothly Yen value Is higher.

thIs ’08 BMW X5 has run 150,000 kilometers, offer used Car market Is about 180,000, hedge rate does not high, far not as good as the Toyota Prado, Rand Road, Chak cool the domestic SUV. Luxury SUV the main reason for increasing the rate or price fluctuations powerful, high post-Car maintenance costs.

Now the new BMW X5 lowest sell more than six hundred thousand, did not lose the power of 2.0T 3.0T old section of the second-hand Car to sell 200,000 justifiable.

thIs very classic appearance of the X5, the front have kidney grille with angel eye headlights, LED daytime running lights yellowed it can be considered one flag, matching wheel hub Is 255/55 R18, M Unfortunately no sports package.

Is a family Car interior design, thIs generation BMW X5 Is relatively rough, the mesa Is a plastic plate, the intermediate wheel Is plastic, the overall feel Is not good, the intermediate piece inlay type color dIsplay only GPS navigation, even a Bluetooth connection at all.

armrest position Is also good, chicken stalls addictive, getting bigger storage space, on both sides of the wood board with a decorative, now looks really LOW.

a close look at thIs Car in control, convergence Is not fine, not like a homemade now put three lines, old BMW interior work really flattered. But BMW X5 Is very cash advances, plus the cortex mostly aluminum, significantly higher grade.

sitting in the Car SUV thIs level, the first impression Is burly, high driving vIsion wide chassIs of the vehicle, the throttle speed fast, loose throttle soonStop, mainly Car too.

in accordance with their own interpretation of the original owner, thIs Car Is absolutely fine belong to, they are going to change it to sell its Bentley, condition in one of the best in its class, the only drawback Is burning oil, ten years ago with friends team up to buy a Car, buy yourself a friend to buy a BMW X5 Audi Q7, the Audi Q7 and that now just has a tendency to burn oil, and thIs BMW X5 total maintenance before oil Is burned in close. BMW burning oil capacity of more than Audi Is absolutely amazing!

thIs BMW X5 equipped with the 3.0L naturally aspirated six-cylinder engine, maximum horsepower and only 258 hundred kilometers requires 8.2 second, the data Is really over, but now X5, 2.0T’s power output can only be considered general, but it Is no problem to run high-speed, still cautiously.

Many fans feel that burning oil Is turbocharged Car’s patent, in fact, naturally aspirated Cars have a burning oil, including Japanese Cars, but each Car burned not the same degree of oil, the turbocharged engine some relatively worse.