140,000 km BMW for owners of doubt, in front of the engine compressor belt can not find it!

Some time ago, a small series Auto repair master to send to a group of photos, a repair process on BMW. Because thIs service Is relatively rare case, but also likely to appear on our family Car, so thIs article we take a brief look at the repair case! At the same time, we again and Beiqi magic belt speed of the engine change prior to compare!

ThIs Is a mileage over 140,000 km BMW five series sedan, the owner said he would not turn on the air out of the cold, open the cover only to find the front of the engine lost a belt , which Is connected to the compressor belts! ThIs allows the owner was very confused, how you can not find the compressor belt? So the owners put the Car to the repair shop to check for problems!

FIG under the BMW mileage has exceeded 140,000 km. The reason Is that air conditioning does not cool: compressor belt front of the engine no! ThIs compressor Is connected to the crankshaft pulley belt and compressor wheel, there Is no compressor belt means no power! Owners quickly drove to the repair shop to check!

FIG under the hood Automotive master first inspection opening, the engine compartment Is relatively clean. Arrows, the master said thIs position Is the position of the compressor, the belt could not see, then the belt Will be where Is it?

As shown in FIG under, which Is taken from the side Automotive master picture. Shown by the arrow, thIs Is the compressor pulley on top of it has no belt up! Check the following master and found the belt has been broken, stuck in the crankshaft pulley position, the master spent a lot of effort only a broken belt to take out!

, which Is already broken belt compressor shown in FIG orange area of! Since the crankshaft pulley belt stuck in the position, did not affect the operation of the engine, the owner can continue to drive the belt after the break! Since the belt in thIs way, and only for a new belt for the job! Orange Is the new compressor area below the belt!

So the question Is, in the end Is where the problem lead to belt damage it? masterBefore replacing the belt, and the like check the belt tensioner connected found tensioner pulley, i.e. the green region of the wheel shown in FIG shaking obvious, Is not normal! It Is almost certain the problem Is caused by tension pulley, the tensioner pulley to only changed to solve the problem!

The maintenance case can not help but think of another small series of cases a few days before the maintenance service, the same belt off the front of the engine caused! Let’s look at a simple comparIson, the orange area shown in the following figure, which Is changing the alternator belt, Is waiting for the replacement of the compressor shown in green belt area! The Car cause of the problem Is the lack of engine guard, bounce stones stuck in the belt above, result in belt damage!

As shown in FIG under which the compressor Is a belt, the orange region shown, thIs location Is a consequence of the inclusion of pebbles, stones if thIs large so, what can the belt to damage!

Finally, the master to the BMW for a new compressor belts and belt tensioner pulley, and then start the engine and turn on the air conditioning, everything Is normal! BMW owners are very satIsfied with the results of repair for!

overall, the cause of the problem Is the BMW compressor belt tensioner pulley appear Songkuang, resulting in the belt during operation can not be in a normal orbit, only part of the operation long period of time to cause the belt to fall, mixed in the crankshaft pulley inside! The main reason for the second Beiqi engine belt Is damaged belt interspersed with pebbles in operation which, if there Is engine guard, can avoid thIs problem! We hope that these two cases maintenance can help riders!