13 Used Toyota Reiz, car shop owner said: buy the rest assured, with peace of mind

FAW Toyota Reiz Is a subsidiary of a midsize Car, personally feel that it Is the most cost-effective a model, after the 6-cylinder drive as long as more than 20 million, fuel-efficient and durable, but unfortunately dIscontinued, think about it What a pity. Because of dIscontinued, may just touch the Car people do not understand Reiz Car, and I also found a second-hand Car market Car.

Unfortunately, only to find a minimum with Reiz, but thIs Car Is the last generation of Reiz, paragraph 13 2.5S Jing Rui version, not in 13 years, when dIscontinued, Reiz official cut-off date Is 17 September, instead of its Asian dragon, and now the country are not lIsted, presumably should be cold, but Reiz dIscontinued, the achievements of the Camry and Crown two Car models.

behind the body 2.5S should be deducted the original owner, 2.5S Reiz Is minimum with no sunroof models, also fitted in the rear the reverse image and reversing radar, was supposed to be no. Car shop owner said: The Car traveled 30,000 km at present, 15-year mid-Card time, now 165,000 sale price, fine condition. The price Is almost similar with the price of a new Car, but the boss Is very strong manner of speaking, hIs face looked very confident.

hedge rate Reiz Car Is very high, with the lowest Reiz we still have to sell more than 16 million, and did not feel a little room for bargaining. Car shop owner said: The Car performance Is great, but very good condition, buy the rest assured, with peace of mind, nothing to worry about Toyota’s quality.

Toyota’s quality Is indeed very good, and Toyota’s models are very preserved, even more than the price of second-hand Prado new Car.

Reiz appearance still very domineering, two steady watching you xenon headlights, middle chrome decorative strip. Because the dIstribution Is the lowest, with a 16-inch wheel style, and with the 18-inch or more are employed. Rear Car did not feel mellow, Toyota may think that only the feeling of movement, the exhaust pipe using a bilateral single out of style.

into the Car, the first time was attracted by the middle of the screen Is very large, but unfortunately not the original, Reiz should be above the minimum with radio, also re-seat the original owner for a leather seat , was supposed to be weaving, but thIs election Is a good color, looks very comfortable. Usually the vehicle interior materials, the decorative profile Is similar to the periphery of the mahogany, there Is little sewing leather, the rest Is substantially plastic material.

In the configuration of thIs Car Is not high, although the installation of their tire pressure monitoring, radar and video reversing, leather seats, the remaining multifunction steering wheel, and the headlight cleaning power folding mirror and the like.

rear space Is also very comfortable, not crowded, but with BBA plus L models compared to the case, Reiz also a bit weaker, but overall still very good.

Reiz Car equipped with a 2.5 l 6-cylinder engine, the maximum power of 142Kw, 6AT gearbox matched, maximum power 193, about 9 seconds hundred mph.